DBS Case Study

Our Work. Our Passion. Your Success.
We tackle each project with passion and determination. We work hard to turn heads for our clients. One of our projects is DBS (drivenbystyle) or that not only delivers great experiences, but has elevated results.
We (OSC Professionals) are having 10+ years of relation with this client.

1. The Objective

Our client approached us to develop an advanced eCommerce website for their automotive aftermarket and restyling industry. The client not only needed a good customer-facing interface but also required a powerful back-office system to handle the entire process with minimum human intervention. The company also wanted us to digitally market the products

2. The Problem Faced by (client) or Work statement

The key challenge was to develop a fully responsive website and also to automate the back-end processes and enhance the service quality that the brand delivered to its customers. The client not only needed a good customer-facing interface but also required a powerful back-office system to handle the entire process with minimum human intervention.
The project requirements included:
  • Migrate from oscommerce to Magento 2 community
  • Better design and UI for conversion
  • Better SEO Performance
  • Site speed Optimization
  • Shipping system execution
  • Addition of AMP functionality
  • Digital Marketing
  • Installation of extensions
  • Multilingual store

3. How We Approached the Project

Considering the client’s reputation and dominance in the Automotive aftermarket sector, we needed to build an eCommerce website that stands out. The website would be dedicated to the series of Automotive aftermarket equipment targeting the consumers who are passionate about their automobile and prefer modifying or upgrading their automobiles after purchase.
A team of seasoned business analysts, eCommerce consultants, and mobile app experts quickly put concerted efforts to understand the client’s business model and requirements. They came up with a plan and design for the eCommerce website. It was shared with the client and the DBS representatives liked the proposed solution.

4. The Solution We Provided

The eCommerce development team quickly jumped into work. They worked on the design framework and roadmap suggested by the client. Once the initial design layout and basic structure were ready, they shared it with the DBS team. The client liked the design and suggested some minor changes.

4.1 Migrate from oscommerce to Magento 2 community

Initially the site was developed in an oscommerce platform with the focus on making the site fully responsive across all platforms. With the introduction of Magento 2 in December 2015 the client wanted to migrate the site from oscommerce to Magento 2. Our seasoned Mageto developer, business analysts and eCommerce consultants migrated the site to Magento 2 platform. Progress and Improvement have been the key virtue of this Magento 2 migration project. The result came out to be successful.

4.2 Better design and UI for conversion

Our UX and UI designers used various tools in order to create a unique, attractive and highly functional website within a specified timeline without compromising the quality.
The appropriate template was selected and a team of developers was deployed to get the major work flow done.
Following are the Five Fundamental Components we worked on
  • Usability
  • Interactive Design
  • Visually Appealing Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Responsive Grid
  • Breakpoints
  • Browser Support

4.3 Site Speed Optimization

Site speed optimization was performed as per the client requirements.
The speed score was very low. We used the excellent PageSpeed Insights tool to pinpoint the areas that contributed to low scores & we fixed it to improve page load speed.
Aspects we performed for site optimization
  • Caching
  • Front End Optimization
  • HTTP/2 and CDN
  • Gzip: Compression for text files (HTML, CSS, JS, fonts, text, JSON, etc.)
  • Magento Updates
  • Removed Unnecessary Extensions
  • Command-line Tools
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Used header tags to divide content
  • Added outbound links
  • Fixed broken links.
  • Used latent semantic indexing
Getting a score close to 90/100 on Google Pagespeed tests is not an easy task. However, we’ ve got the best results possible for our client

Before optimization score :

After optimization score :

4.4 Shipping system execution

The client wanted dynamic shipping price wherein the shipping price would be calculated according to the product price. The client also wanted to view all the order quotations via email. Our team of developers implemented the functionality as per client’s requirements.

4.5 Addition of AMP Functionality

When the client wanted the Homepage to be on AMP, there were certain challenges. But our seasoned developers and eCommerce team made sure that the transition was without any hiccup.
The following results were obtained once the Homepage was on AMP:
  • Improved page speed, better customer engagement, and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Delivery of fast, verifiable, and secure mobile experiences.

4.6 Digital Marketing

We also took care of the Digital Marketing Campaign of the DBS. Following our teams efforts we were able to:
  • Increased numbers of visitors
  • Improvement in organic traffic
  • Growth in total sales
  • Improved rate of conversion

4.7 Installation of extensions

Genmato Orderpacker Extension

We integrated Genmato Orderpacker Extension as per the client requirement.
Genmato magento extension is for efficiency .It is an order picker extension which packs the orders and creates invoice and shipment of the order…and print packing slip and shipping labels.
Key features
  • Interface optimized for mobile device
  • support for (bluetooth) barcode scanner
  • ship order directly from pick and pack interface
  • minimize the amount of wrong collected products

Pending Order Module

As per the requirement of our client to collect a list of at least the oldest 75 orders report for orders in status awaiting tracking information from the warehouse.
Our expert developer created the module to collect a list of at least the oldest 75 orders report for orders in status awaiting tracking info from the warehouse.
We also provided the list manually yet the module was not ready and generated the automatic sheet and mail to the client.
From this we have created the module to collect 7 days before the oldest 75 orders from the current date having by different vendors group by same order number.Also we created the cron script to run and send the mail with csv file collected orders as an attachment. our client wished to export that pending orders in a csv file and wanted these orders list to be sent to admin ( client ) by an email.

4.8 Multilingual store

Apart from english the clients also wanted the store to be in spanish language.

5. Key features of the website

  • DBS has AMP functionality in the Home Page and Product page.
  • Use of third party Service Sucuri for security.
  • Zoho Messenger Chat for Online live customer support.
  • CDN for Product Images.
  • Implemented functionality for purchase order in CSV format rather than a PDF.
  • Changes done for Shipping Calculation issues (Combine Order If they are different Vendors) and test all cart cases.
  • multilingual website

6. Results

  • Sales were up by 30% a few months after the eCommerce deployment.
  • Improvement in organic traffic
  • ROI from the eCommerce website was remarkable due to consistent online sales.
  • GE established a stronger presence in digital commerce by expanding diversity of its offerings.
  • Reduction of numbers of errors.
  • Digital marketing helped the client quickly gain traction in terms of visibility & online sales.

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