How to set Permission and Roles in Magento?

If you want to restrict to access your Magento Admin, then configured with specific permissions. Magento has option to create permissions. Add user with a different name and password, then create a roles and assign a roles to each. User will able to access only assigned roles. In Magento, Administrator role assigned to User By default.How to manage Permissions by creating Users and Roles ?
Step 1. Creation of Roles: Go to Admin -> System -> Permissions -> Roles
How-to-set-Permission-and-Roles-in-Magento-2Click on Add New Role


Step 2. Complete Role Information

  • Role Name: Enter name of role.


Step 3. Assign Resources


  • Resource Access: By default it is Custom.
  • Resources: Mark the resources that you want to assign to Role.

After that click on Save Role
Step 4. Create Users and assign Roles
Admin -> System -> Permissions -> Users


  • Click on Add New User


Step 5. A. Complete User Account Information


  • User name: Name of user.
  • First Name/Last name: Enter the name and last name for your user.
  • Email and Password: Enter Email and password.
  • Set This account is Active to create user

B. Assign Role to User


  • User is created with Roles


Step 6. Now Log in by using newly created User and Password


  • User can access only those roles that assigned to him.


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