OSCP experts will help you identify bugs in your commercial and in-house built web-based applications, offer guidance on how to fix issues that have been found, assess the current security status of the examined systems and provide you specific recommendations.
The OSCP protection test goes beyond international standards such as OWASP and SANS and includes a comprehensive plan for impact assessment and mitigating.

Services offered by us

We provide the web application security services against the following vulnerabilities

SQL Injection

XSS Cross site scripting

Remote File inclusion

OS vulnerabilities

Price manipulation

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


Patch Travel Attacks

Request / Response Smuggling vulnerabilities

Command Injection

Broken Authentication and Session Management

Access Control Issues

Insecure URL Redirection

Security misconfiguration

Improperly handled error conditions

Improper use of Cryptography

Why Choose us for web application security services

We at OSCprofessionals understands the relevance of Web apps security for an organization and hence assists companies or businesses in achieving their compliance needs as efficiently and quickly as possible. Using various tools we aim at each minor and major detail which is required to be improved for achieving the best Web Application Cybersecurity.

  • Manage and control vulnerabilities properly
  • Maintain Business Continuity
  • Receive comprehensive guidance on how to address identified challenges, minimize identified threats and strengthen the web-based applications overall security status.
  • Identify privacy and safety flaws that impact the web applications
  • Identify bugs and security vulnerabilities that impact the web applications

Methodology / work process we follow

  • 01

    Planning & Information Gathering

    Our safety reviewers unbox the software as part of web application protection to consider user profiles, business case, features, or code base.

  • 02

    Vulnerability Detection

    Our security testers build a detailed business case model for web application analysis that helps identify all potential flaws and risks before developing a vulnerability profile.

  • 03

    Creating a test plan

    Once the potential threats have been established, a safety evaluation program is designed to assess whether these vulnerabilities can be exploited.

  • 04

    Fixing and solutions

    When vulnerabilities are detected using our managed security testing software, the vulnerability is ranked based on the business threat it poses. This helps prioritizing the right threats to clients.

  • 05


    Analysis of Outcome and documenting concise report of the process with recommendations.

Tools We use to ensure your Web Application Security











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