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What is PPC?

Our online marketing experts take advantage of their extensive experience to enable companies from different countries to receive measurable and targeted website traffic. It is the outcome of our competent team’s consistent efforts that we effectively finished different projects. Without any extra attempt, we’d assist you take clients. Not only these, we’d assist you generate the perfect keywords for individuals searching to see and tap on the advertisements.

Services we provide

We at OSC provide the following Pay Per Click (PPC) services:

Search With Display Network Advertising

It is a combination of “search network only” and “display network only” adwords campaign on google platform. It uses improved signals and further refines prediction as to when and where your ads are likely to perform at its optimum level.
These enables you to have a very specific and smaller target audience who are more likely to be interested in your product and may eventually buy them and we help you in developing these campaigns.

Youtube advertising

With youtube advertising you are able to reach millions of potential customers. There are various types of youtube ads which can be used to target custom.These types include:

  • Trueview In-stream
  • Trueview video
  • Bumper ads
  • Non-skippable ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Cards and sponsored

Our team of experts help you in choosing the right ads to target the audience for your business to grow.

Shopping – product listing ads

Product listing ads also known as Google Shopping ads display more information to a customer than a standard text based ads. They have a certain distinguishable characteristics like they display product image, detailed information about the product like price and they emphasize more on products and product categories. We will customize ads to bring your products before shoppers searching for what you’re selling on Google.

Search Advertising

Search advertising also known as search engine advertising allows you to display your ads at the top of the search results on any search engine platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Let us help you in devising a perfect strategy to bring in the customer to your website as per your needs.

Display Advertising

Display advertising relies on visual elements such as banners, images, animations, logos etc to communicate an advertising message. With our team of experts we provide the best working plan to create a display ad that will ensure a consistent flow of customers to your site.


Remarketing also known as retargeting is a unique way to reconnect to customers who have shown interest or visited your website earlier or who have made an immediate purchase. Once you identify the target audience you can display specialized ad of the products customer already viewed on your site.

Mobile online ads sale

App advertising ( For Mob app only )

App advertising helps you promote your android or IOS apps across various ad platforms outside of your app marketplace. It allows users to install your app directly from the ads. There are various types of app install ads among which the following are prominent:

  • Search app install ads
  • Display app install ads
  • Youtube app install ads

Campaign and Adgroup development

It is a part of PPC. Groups of ads that are targeted to a set of related keywords. It enables you to group related keywords and write ads around a common theme. Each ad will also carry a landing page which will relate to keywords.

Announcement share video play

Local business advertising

It is also known as local advertising or localised advertising targets a particular community or demography around a certain area or store with the help of personalised messages. We assist to expand your local database of customers.

Cost Per Acquisition Optimization

Cost per acquisition or cost per action is marketing metric to determine the cost incurred in acquiring a new customer on a campaign. It can be calculated by dividing Total campaign cost by number of conversions.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is nothing but finding group of words which closely relates with your product and help in making more bids and conversions.

Report creation

We will constantly monitor the website progress and advertising data for all the PPC services you avail. We will provide you with detailed reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on the requirements.

Creative Ad copy

Ad copy is nothing but the main text of the advertising message. It can be contextual or pay per click ad.

Relevance score

Relevance score or quality score are the ratings provided by google on keywords and PPC ads. We will improve the relevance score of your PPC campaign.

Benefits of PPC

Promote Directly to People Searching for a Business Like You
Directed Advertising to focused group of spectators (Leverage Audiences)
Select your focused Network for Advertising
Publicize Locally or Globally
Brand Exposure/Brand Awareness/Brand acknowledgment
Exploit business openings (Festive Season Offers)
No reliance on SEO or Google Algorithmic changes
Contact the Right People at the Right Time
Quantifiable ROI/Measurable outcomes
Simple Reporting
Open your ways to nearby clients (Local Search)
Quick Impact/Fast Results
Gadget Preference
Pay Only When People Click (Free Impressions means free marking)
Confine your Spend on Advertisement (Adjust spending plan whenever)/Budget Friendly
Remarket your crowd

Why Choose Us?


If you are looking for below

Higher Return of Investment (ROI)

Higher conversion rates

Significant CPC reduction

Unique advertisement copies

Increase in traffic to your website

Experienced and qualified professionals

Effective campaign reports

You need us. We are a company that has immense experience in PPC marketing. We make data driven decisions, continually optimize your campaign and look into your entire sales funnel to help turn every visits into sales. We also help you create ideal keywords to ensure that you end up in the top ads for a particular search query and the customer finds you.

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