Setup For Registration Forms

Create Wholesale Registration Form

On the app’s left navigation, click on “Registration Form Setup” and then click on “Create New Form.” The registration form will appear.

Step 1 : Add Title & Description


Step 2 : Add Primary Contact Details

When you click the pencil icon to edit, you’ll see options for Label, Hint, and Validation. Here, you can modify the label, hint, and validation type so that they appear in the frontend form.


Step 3 : Add Business Details

  • You need to click on the right side section check boxes provided in the business details.
  • Once clicked, it will allow you to add details for those particular fields.
  • You can rearrange the fields by clicking the up and down arrows.
  • When you click the pencil icon to edit, you’ll see options for Label, Hint, and Validation. Here, you can modify the label, hint, and validation type so that they appear in the frontend form.

Step 4 : Add More Details

In this section, you can add additional details with custom fields. You can select them according to your preferences.


Add Registration Form to your store front

Step 1 : Locate the Main menu in storefront

  • From the Shopify admin page, click to Online stores > Navigation
  • From the Navigation page, click Main menu

Step 2: Add the form to the menu in storefront

  • Once you are in Main menu, click on Add menu item
  • Add menu item popup will open in right hand side

Fill the name and add the link by punching in the Registration Form Setup. You can copy your Registration form link from here. (Dashboard > Registration Form Setup)’

Now You can view the Registration Form in the Frontend menu section

This form will be visible to customers. Once a customer fills out and submits this form,

The Thank You page will be displayed.

Once the form is submitted, two emails will be sent: one to the customer stating that their account is under review, and one to the merchant stating that a potential customer has submitted their registration form.

Manage, approve and notify status via email to your customers

1. Manage and approve your customers

Navigate to the “Registration Form Setup” section in the app’s navigation menu. Here, you can access all the forms you’ve created, each listed with its name and corresponding actions.


Under the Actions tab, you’ll find two options:

  1. Edit : You can modify your form
  2. Customer List : This section allows you to view all registered customers, and also gives the merchant the scope to add a customer directly through this section

Initially, when a customer fills out the form, their status will appear as Pending. Store Owners verify their customer details, after which you can change their status from pending to Approved.

2. Notify of new registration and account approvals

On the app’s navigation, there’s a tab of Email Notification Setup to configure the emails notifying your customers of account approval.

There’s configuration to notify you of new registration too.

In the Notification section, store owners can input their email addresses to receive all communications.


Step1: Click on Configure


Here we will provide three email templates

1. Customer’s Request Submitted Notification:

When a customer submits their form, an email is automatically sent to them, informing them that “Your account is under review.”


2. Owner’s Request Received Notification:

Likewise, an email is sent to the store owner, informing them that a potential customer has submitted the form along with the customer’s details.


3. Customer’s Approval Notification:

Once the form has been reviewed and the store owner changes the customer’s status from pending to approved, another email is sent to the customer.