Share Cart for Multi Store Magento

It is well thought out as Magento is future of e-commerce market. Earlier it was quite difficult for small businessmen to make over their online marketing existence. As it was very hard and expensive for them to expend on an e-commerce site. Yet, with the launching of Magento, even small businessmen can create a successful merchandise existence over the internet. Magento cart is having more user friendly interface. It helps site owner and visitors of site to easily understand the functionality of the web store.
We can easily modify or change Magento based stores with span class=”aeapp”>Magento customization. In Magento sites we can easily manage the products as well as their categories. With the features like multiple currency and language support, you can do business across the world. Magento is a blessing for online businesspersons because it offers many advanced features. Magento not only provide comfort to designer and developers but an easy navigation can be done, by any web user with Magento site.

Magento Multi-Store Set-Up:

In present era of competition, all web merchants wants to secure their position in e-commerce world. For that they must run with the new technology. And, multiple stores are demand of present as also future time. Previously, the case was totally different, to manage and set-up many online-store from one domain was not an easy task. But, thanks to Magento Cart, because with the use of it you can easily setup multiple online stores as per your business requirements.
Magento Cart possess bundle of various store-fronts and all are controlled by just single installation of it. And this is its plus-point. As prior to it you have to setup your multiple stand alone with installation of different domains of shopping carts. But with single installation of Magento you will get unlimited fronts of stores and that also from single domain. This solved the question about management of various business websites and their hosting plans.

Steps of Multiple Stores Set-up:

  • Configuration of Payment Provider software is very necessary, there are 2 quick and easy options are Manual Bank Transfer and Paypal,that don’t need any monthly charges. But, be cautious of PCI compliance, for security aspects.
  • When you are selecting Domain Name, pick out your own trade name. Set-apart your domain name from your web-hosting, and always find out .com domain from reliable service provider of Domain.
  • For product listing you have to first decide types of product,will be used by you,and then you can start adding the products and categories in your product list.

Share Cart:

The process of shopping is quite lengthy. And if it is an online shopping then the question of loading and reloading of pages is genuine. As also the mode of payment and security is also questionable in the mind of consumers. If your business website is as capable to solve all these doubts of the user then automatically the traffic towards your site will increase. For that you have to add some extra functionality in your Magento based website. With the help of Magento developers you can add share cart to your multi store website.
And, to some extent we can cut short the lengthy process of shopping with security. As all of us know that Magento is having some default functionality regarding multi stores and shopping cart. But, if we add the functionality of share cart for your Magento muti-store then the consumers can get products from different sub-stores of the same domain. This all process will be completed with the process of single payment at the time of checkout. The best example of share cart are supermarkets. And, for default Magento settings for cart we can quote an example of Malls.
In Malls,there are many shops of different brands. Suppose you purchase some cloths from one shop then you clear the payment. Then, turn to another shop of shoes, and purchased one pair of shoe and make payment. You have to purchase some cosmetics so you turn to the shop of cosmetics, here also you applied the same procedure. Do you think about the time you expended in this shopping? This type of setting , we found in Magento by default. Magento muti-stores provide one cart for each store. Though, it is quite good but it is a time consuming process. As also, all time the customer have to make payment and undergo from the process of checkout.
Adding share cart to Magento multi-store can be a profitable decision. Because, with the use of share cart your customer can do shopping conveniently. If you have 3 sub-stores like for shoes, for watches, and for cosmetics, which you manage from same domain. The customer visited to your site and decided to buy products. Now, he selected one pair of shoes and added it to the share cart. Secondly, he browse to another sub-stores and selected one- one items and added it to his share cart. Now, at the time of making payment and checkout, he can see that there are 3items in his cart as well as the added prize value of all the items. In this point of time he make single payment for all purchased items and single checkout also.
All this process hardly take time and the user/customer doesn’t get inconvenience and uncomfortable with several browsing & checkout process. But, with share cart option he conveniently completed the shopping process. The Magento cart is so customization and installation friendly that by easily adding some add-on features we can turn it as per our business requirements. Thus, it makes the shopping process quite easy and simple, so people use to do internet shopping and your online business can move one step ahead to attain maximum profits.