How to set Permission and Roles in Magento?

If you want to restrict to access your Magento Admin, then configured with specific permissions. Magento has option to create permissions. Add user with a different name and password, then create a roles and assign a roles to each. User will able to access only assigned roles. In Magento, Administrator role assigned to User By [...]

Special Price in Magento

Price in Magento, is the selling price of product. Magento offer various prices for your product. Like, Special price, Group price, Tier price. By setting different prices to your product you can sell it and get profit accordingly.Here, we are going to discuss about, How to set Special Price in Magento? Special price in magento, [...]

Tier Price in Magento

Tier price in Magento is used to offer quantity discount. It is a promotional activity that you can offer to your customer and attract towards product. Tier price will offer to specific quantities. When customer will add that quantity tier price will display. How to set Tier Price? Create Product by using product creation method [...]

How to create Newsletter in Magento?

Newsletter used to promote our product by giving updated information about products and related discounts or offer. After subscribe to our newsletter customer can attach with us. It is better way to keep customer with our touch.To create Newsletter you should create first: From System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Newsletter you can manage your [...]

Full Page Cache : Flow applyWithoutApp() in Magento

1] How to work/flow applyWithoutApp() in magento? (Magento ver. : Enterprise_PageCache_Model_Container_Abstract /** Generate placeholder content before application was initialized and apply to page content if possible * @param string $content * @return bool **/ public function applyWithoutApp(&$content)[Line No : 1] { $cacheId = $this->_getCacheId(); [Line No : 2] if ($cacheId === false) { $this->_applyToContent($content, [...]

How to create Attributes in Magento?

Attributes are used in Magento to indicate the any property of product. It define the characteristics of the product. For example, Product Title, Product Description, Size, etc. are the attributes. The Title, Label identifies the attributes in the Admin and Storefront. Magento has a Simple process for Creation of Attributes. Magento has a Simple process [...]

How to create Virtual Product In Magento

Virtual products are those products, they do not have a physical existence. They represent something that can be sold. Service, warranty, insurance policies or subscription these are the virtual product. Process to Add Virtual Product: Step 1. Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Select Attribute Set>Product Type Step 2. Fill General Setting Information Name: Name of your product, that [...]

How to create Downloadable Product In Magento?

Downloadable product, are those product that can be directly transfer to customer. There is no need to packaging, shipping to product. It is the digitally downloadable product that you can sell one or more files. For example, Media files, PDF files, word document, videos, etc. Process to Add Download-able Product: Step 1. Admin>Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Downloadable [...]

Tax configuration in Magento

Tax Configuration in Magento helps to set tax, with different product class. You can decide here, how you want to show prices of product on Catalog page or Shopping Cart page, with including tax or excluding tax. These all setting we will done from Step 1: Process to Tax Selection System>Configuration>Tax Tax Classes: Select from [...]

How to create Configurable Product In Magento?

Configurable Product offers the customers a variety of options. This product type enables your customers to select the variant that they want by choosing options. For Example, You can sell T-shirts in two colors and three sizes. You would have to create six variants as individual products (each with its own SKU) and then add [...]