Your budget should also take into account the fact that sometimes you may change your mind and request a modification of functionality since you may have realized that it isn’t working as well as thought in the design phase. How do you decide whether Magento cart is fit for your online business? Decision making process is as follows:
Your Business Plan
Product Catalog of your Business,
Interfacing with Other Systems
Your Business Plan
The first things to consider is how seriously are you taking your e-commerce business. If you are having a large establishment. The part of your online store in your overall business strategy. A devoted online team which can look after as well as manage your site. The necessary skills to run the online store yourself or can you afford to hire someone to help you. If you are a small entrepreneur, then are you planning to take your business in terms of development in the short and the long term? How does it need to integrate with your business systems? Lastly, are you prepared to invest seriously and understand that, the software is free, the services around it may come at value cost.
Functionality :
As mentioned above, sometimes you really only need some basic e-commerce functionality so ask yourself or your web developer if Magento would possess enough capability. Check out the attributes carefully and make it sure that you have good reasons to use them. You only need a PayPal button to sell your products and more cost effective solutions to creating an online store, or you can interchange it through other hosted services.
Sometimes a business starts very small but manages to offer the right products and then growth occurs quickly. In that case, you would be able to well justify re-developing your store with Magento if you haven’t started with it.
Product Catalog:
Are you selling thousands of items or just the one piece of software. It certainly makes sense to determine whether you really need all the signaling device and signals which Magento offers given the size of your product catalog. If you have tens of thousands of products, simple,grouped, configurable, then another set of issues arises when considering Magento. You will require some serious resources as well as a good measurement scheme.
Again, look for people who have experience with Magento, the developers should be able to give you secure advice for your particular case on all the referenced points. Eventually, you have to hold back your product catalog when the store is running. Will you do it yourself or employ Magento Developers to assist you? They will also need some training.
Interfacing with Other Systems:
If you are considering Magento shopping cart, then you are most likely already in the right Magento customer category. You know that the e-commerce presence is only part of your complete chain of business systems. For that you need to work together as possible with little manual labor.
Magento offers powerful connectivity to third party systems such as accounting, CRM, warehousing as well as different ERP systems. Mind it that, if you need to interface with a third party system which has no existing Magento connector, or you will need to plan for custom development. Often, a well designed and strapping connector will have a cost on par with the cost of the store itself and requires a Magento expert with well experience.
While there are ongoing maintenance tasks regardless of the software you are using. So you have planted your seeds and the plants have sprouted but now you need to water, maintain and feed the garden,just like this Magento perform pest control for your online store. Magento Extra functionality as well as customization, because soon or late you will want to add some new features or customize existing ones. Upgrades sounds simple in theory, but even if your Magento online store was formulated with upgrade-ability as also best coding practice in mind, it can possibly be a very time consuming procedure.
Performance of your site, as your possibly product catalog as well as traffic of your site grows, you may find that your hosting solution is not up to scratch with your demand. Interfacing with other systems, if you haven’t planned it to begin with, then this will also be part of your maintenance. Expanding into diverse markets, Magento allows you to run multiple stores and websites from the same install.
All these features can help you to enhance your online business.