Some Positive Aspects Of It :
Magento Cart enables you to administer your all stores from single admin-panel. Some interesting features of Magento development are a user friendly interface, data base management, category integration, product details, and desirable payment gateway. Though, you may start some small online-business, but as time passes you can increase your online business by adding new stores with Magento multiple-stores function. Magento supports approximately 50 payment gateways. Now, this is an impressive thing about Magento!Magento also offers you, website upgrading in just a single-click. Online shopping stores built on this platform offer a rich shopping experience to customers. Therefore, adequate and proper Magento Customization is always required.  It allows customers to add items or products of their choices from different product categories. And, once proper configuration of Magento cart is done by the developers, in that case all dominant power of online  business website is in your hands. It has a one page check out process making it easier for customers.
Customization helps to manage many essential things such as creation and adjustment of templates as per business needs. Magento  provides a multi store option and this is the best thing about it. Magento Customized theme are unique and it brings creative look and feel, with their appearance.  This is really amazing and a very useful feature. And, your website will look and appears as good enough. It allows store owners to have different stores for their different range of products.  As compared to other shopping carts, this is quite easy as well as more user-friendly. The stores can be controlled via a single administrative panel. Because it permits  users to add peculiar product in their shopping cart and make simple mode of payment with single page checkout.
It pays to have an e-commerce website that has a simple to user interface. The first thing you need to remember is that keep your website as much user friendly as possible. If your visitors find it hard to use your website, you will suffer on your possible consumers. Here one thing is most important that your website should not consume more time to load. Next, try and make your magento e-commerce website visually appealing. You can have slideshows and virtual tours of your offerings in order to lure more visitors. According to encrypt studies, visitors determine in a rational of second whether to stay on a site or not.
Customers can compare products which help them in making better purchase decisions. Magento also supports multiple languages and currencies. Each customer can also review a bought commodity. Reading trade good reviews help masses to make right and good choice. This means that store owners can sell their products and services to customers across the world without worrying about the currency or language barrier. The Ship to Multiple Addresses functionality, permits consumers ship components to multiple geographical point in single transaction.  Managing products is very simple with a Magento shopping cart. Automatic feeds to RSS; and a host of coverage attributes help in better trade good promotion, combination with Google analytic, and a detailed assessment of the services.  This is better than ordering expensive wild-card SSL certificates or creating and configuring several checkout forms and pages. One of the key features of using one core installation instead of multiple Magento applications is that all of your stores can be configured to use one SSL and check out process.
Some Negative Aspects Of It :
If you are trained thoroughly to use this platform. Magento has often been criticized for its speed. Magento is not for everyone and is mainly meant for complex online projects. For getting the most of Magento, you need to be a technical expert. This e-commerce platform is heavily layered and so is difficult of customize and edit. Then you can get the most out of your online business as Magento is sheet gold.
Magento requires a high end hosting environment and if this misses, then you will definitely have problems in installing it. Another, major problem with Magento is its documentation which lacks in many ways. Further, in case you don’t follow its installing decently, you have to restate the procedure again and again. Get yourself thoroughly trained in using Magento. There are manuals available which you can buy but they are not so use. The solution for this problem is preparation. This can be quite frustrating.
Well, there is nothing on this planet which does not have its drawbacks. Magento has been the most talked about e-commerce software on the computer network. Magento is an open source software for creating an online stores as well as shopping carts. The same thing applies to Magento too. This is true because magento is not for everyone out there wanting to establish his/her own online store. Many experts are of the view that this platform is difficult to modify and customize. Let’s have a look at some things which cause frustrations for many
=> The magento interface has very few tables. The magento development community frequently comes up with upgrades to solve bug issues. Magento has some bugs, which of course any software has. However many are still waiting for the payment subscription feature and bug fix that allows one to assign down-loadable products to a group product.
=> Magento is difficult to customize.  Many complain that the admin is very slow and if someone wants to modify Magento’s code, well it could take months to do that. Many of the directories contain sub directories with the identical name, component things equal more puzzling. Each sub reference may incorporate one to four single file and each file has about 50 to 100 lines of code that seem to only call an object or set a variable. So, Magento is not for someone who want quick solutions and are not ready to spend time on learning it. Also, one wrong step in the db and you will have to reinstall it again.  One look at the code and you will know what it is. Next, its server requirement is extremely high. You will just dig into directories eight or ten levels deep.
The most important thing is that you need to have a lot of time to master it. In case you want to use this solution – you need to have expertise in object oriented Php programming and zend framework. Magento is considered to be an enterprise level solution and its definitely not fast to set up, use and change software.