How to install : Installing Magento is not a very complex task. Many people find it hard to perform installment themselves. It is a free shopping cart application which supports many payment processors and shipping methods. This is why many hosting providers offer automatic tools through which users can easily install an application in just a few clicks. Customized Addon Software tool offers everything you need to start your website right away. The team of specialists with the latest available security patches keeps all applications in the Site Software section up to date . Customers can easily install Magento in just a few clicks from their cPanel > Software. With Addons you can not only upgrade it, but also install this application in just few clicks, and in case you do not want it then you can uninstall it without any problems. This guarantees that you will always have secure and up-to-date software on your website.
In the e-commerce section click Magento and on the new page fill in the required details:
• Admin is the user for approaching the admin area of Magento,
• Email it means your email address,
• Password for the admin is called Admin Pass,
• From the drop-down menu you can Pick out a domain and type the name of the folder
where you would like to install it;
• Installation URL,
• Admin Password, retype the password for the admin user
• URL for the Magento installation;
• To install it in main folder of the domain therefore Leave it blank.
• To complete the new Magento installation, Click on Install button .
Click Upgrade to upgrade your application to the latest version. If you have an existing Magento installation and there is an available upgrade for it. To uninstall Magento, simply click the Uninstall button.
How to upgrade :
Upgrading an application is a tricky task and you should always perform it with caution. Fortunately, there are some hosting providers which offer application upgrades as an additional paid service. You can check the official Magento forums for more information on how to perform the upgrade. The most important thing you need to know about application upgrades is that before attempting to upgrade a shopping cart, also you should always make a backup of it. Many people find it difficult. This way, if you don’t feel comfortable upgrading Magento, you can have a proficient upgrade it for you.
Solid Potential Of Mobile e-Commerce
Magento Commerce, has introduced an Apple iPhone specific theme which is potentially the first step toward razing the playing field for online small retailers who want to compete in the profitable and prosperous market of mobile e-commerce. Mobile e-commerce or m-commerce is coming now; up to 9 million Americans, already had made a purchase of a mobile device. Perhaps in the near future half of the United States’ 250 million users are willing to purchase it. According to a recent study from The Nielsen Company, N.Y. All of those U.S. Users, New York, advantageous thing is that the billions of users in Africa, Asia, India, where a mobile handset may serve as mobile TV, phone, primary point of Internet access, make m-commerce very attractive to large and small e-retailers.
The Apple iPhone actually does an excellent job of rendering websites already, but there are still problems. While these sites are rendered properly on the iPhone, also they can take on small dimensions, an iPhone owner required to zoom in, scroll in all directions, and zoom out. Browsing on WiFi or a speedy 3G network, but transferring an online store on old cellular networks can be sorely slow. Bandwidth can also be a problem. Older and slower networks that is also depending on what kind of connection is available at a given time, iPhones use WiFi connections, fast 3G cellular networks, Bluetooth. But mobile browsing experiences can be frustrating for consumers, as well as developing websites for e-commerce that are useful, readable, and powerful for mobile instrumentation consumers has been the domain of wealthy and large e-retailers.
To address this, Magento developed a special theme or assemblage of template, layout, and demonstration of files which are optimized for an iPhone’s browser. Magento’s new iPhone theme is an important step, giving autonomous e-retailers a simple way to faucet m-commerce’s amazing potential. This theme still offers great perception visual communication, full functionality, as well as payment gateways. In proportions as well as layouts which make your store attractive and easy to use a palm-sized LCD screen on an iPhone’s.
Unfortunately, it represents a very tiny percentage of the total mobile handset universe may or may not be cool, as amazing, and fantastic as the I-Phone. Basically, Magento utilizes the iPhone’s inherent navigation methods and offer customer accounts, quick catalog browsing, a shopping cart , worldwide site search, that also with a complete process of checkout. The new theme makes it easier for iPhone users to browse and shop Magento powered sites with ease. By some estimates, leading mobile phone makers Nokia mobile, Motorola mobile, Samsung mobile, LG mobile , Sony-Ericsson mobile, Black Berry mobile, and the like, new mobile handsets each year. The iPhone extension delivers a user experience that taking users on a clearly defined path which supports the iPhone’s touch-screen functionality from browsing to purchasing. So the new Magento i-Phone theme only scratches the m-commerce surface. While something like 8 million to 10 million I-Phones have sold worldwide based on Steve Jobs 2008 Mac-World keynote speech and estimates for the i-Phone 3G. On the other hand, what e-retailer wouldn’t want to reach as many as 10 million or so potential customers all of whom represent the i-Phone’s decidedly upscale user base.
m-Commerce is here to stay, and retailers who implement a mobile solution like Magento’s i-Phone extension will gain a competitive advantage over other e-commerce sites that are slower to adopt a mobile-specific platform. Using the i-Phone Theme to Gain a Competitive Advantage. The Magento Commerce i-Phone extension and the Magento e-commerce Platform are available for free download. Looking to expand the capabilities of Magento to target additional mobile browsers.
To get started, ask yourself some questions about your business website like: Are you confident your customers can find the information they are looking for and make a purchase from your website on their hand held device?Have you ever seen your website on a mobile device? If your answer to all of these questions was not a resounding “Yes!,” then you need to read on. While the Internet works, you want to be sure the information on your website is easy to read and navigate, essentially the same on mobile devices as it does on computers.
Simply enter your website’s URL, and CSS styles and page elements that will not display properly, it will display your website in a version which is mobile-friendly by removing large images. A good resource to convert your current site into a mobile device friendly format. Look at for making a mobile CSS profile for the site this as a template, or starting point. To provide an alternative CSS style sheet for users with mobile devices, inventory management, side-by-side product comparison tools.
In addition, there are varying screen sizes and resolutions with hand held devices, so it’s a good idea to scale page elements by screen size, instead of setting fixed component dimensions for page components. The structure is similar to the popular open source blogging tool. A couple of things to think about when assigning styles for mobile devices is to keep it very simple. Magento is not a regular open source solution.
Within the next 12 years, 77 percent of Internet activists, developers, and commentators said they considered that mobile phones would be the primary tool for approaching the Internet. The survey asked respondents to say whether they mostly agreed or mostly disagreed with this scenario. The Pew Internet & American Life Project survey asked 578 starring Internet experts and 618 other communicators whether they united with various scenarios about the effect of the Internet on social, economic, political life in the year 2020. 77 % of the experts and 81 % of all respondents mostly agreed with the statement. While the survey is highly high-risk, it is clear that mobile Internet browsing and, hence, mobile commerce will become an important aspect of every online retailers business in little more than a decade. Telephony is offered under a set of universal standards and protocols accepted by most operators globally, making for fairly easy movement from one destination to another destination of the world. For most people in the world the mobile phone is the primary connection tool. The primary Computer network connection and the only one for a majority of the people across the world, providing information in a well-connected and also in a movable manner at a comparatively cheap price. Now with significant computing power, in the year 2020, while “one laptop per child” and other initiatives to bring networked digital communications to everyone are successful on the mobile phone,on many levels.