Magento is an e-commerce solution which has been praised by the web development community across the world. Competition is exist in all over e-commerce world. And everybody wants to achieve success and topmost position in e-commerce world. The benefits of integrating a blog in your Magento Store. It has powerful features and a brilliant functionality which makes managing multiple stores easier and simpler. Connect your Magento e-commerce store with your consumers. As well as make your store SEO friendly with Magento shopping cart Integrate a blog with your Magento store and see how well it works for you. Well there is a remarkable solution for solving these issues.
Benefits of having a Blog integrated in the online store
• Blogs assist to increase online traffic,faithfulness of the customer as well as conversion rates.
• With blogs, customers can review and also can discuss about your products. Blogs are superb method to raise as well as deepen your relationships with your consumers. It will help the consumers to make advised conclusions.
• A brilliant way to online marketing! You can advertize your store at zero cost. Post press releases on your blog.
• Get feedback about your store with the help of it you can improve your online store website.
• Boost your SEO activities by furnishing various links of your online Store based on magento cart. In this manner with Blog, the consumers will be lured to your website and SEO will use it to find out all about your site.
• You can post articles for information related to your business.
Just integrate a blog with your Magento store, soon you will find many more advantages coming up.
How to change logo :
To Change logo in magento from admin panel. To change logo of magento from admin panel you need to log-in to admin panel . You can change logo in Magento in following two ways. (a) From Admin panel; (b) From core file. System -> Configuration -> Design. TO change logo from core file you need to go app/code/core/Mage/Page/config.xml
There you can change to your respective file name/path. Then click on Header tab to change the logo source to your various path or file name.
Change the text Special price; Regular price :
To change the text Special price, Regular price in Magento Store. At the time of defining a special price, that is the discounted rate, its said as, Special price. You have to define a normal price for your product that is a Regular price. The variables are in itself simple products and they have their own Stock Keeping Unit as well as the Stock management. If you want to change that text,
in that case you have to do /public_html/app/locale/en_US/Mage_Catalog.csv
As earlier you have to set up multiple stand alone installation of shopping carts from different domains. For product listing you have to first decide types of product, then you can start adding the products and categories in your product list. In order to change Regular price, Regenerate it with Regular Price : My Price. In order to change Special price, Special Price, Regenerate it with Special Price: Discount rate.