Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a revolution in programming language to use existing programming standards in a new way to create interactive web applications. It is called asynchronous as it retrieves data from server without refreshing the whole page and thus the page existing behavior remains unchanged.

Therefore Ajax is known as art of exchanging data.

Ajax helps us to update data of a part of the web page without reloading the whole page while classic web pages should have to reload if updated.

We are well versed with Ajax technology. You can hire our developer on hourly or day basis.

Demo of Ajax technology:
Ajax shopping cart demo

  • Categories box with ajax and javascript
  • Show products details in popup on mouseover
  • When click on buy now it add products to cart without refreshing the whole page
  • Featured Products (Modified by Store wise)
  • Show cart,login and update cart contents without refreshing page

Drag-n-Drop products to shopping cart demo:


  • From categories box products can be drag and drop on shopping cart box.it will add products dynamically
  • Remove products to drag it to remove box


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