Magento Customization : Extension Of One Page Checkout

The long-awaited update for the module of Magento One Page Checkout. We successfully made our extension most better. Magento supports multiple languages and multiple currencies which make it easier for customers to shop. It is highly secured as it is built on the MVC structure. Your customers won’t spend as much time for checkout process as they do for choosing the product. Magento extensions are very useful to online store owners as they help increase sales and revenue. This software has in built SEO tools which help your e-commerce website to get a higher search engine ranking. Shopping must be fun, so let’s arrange that! No multiple pages to direct, no page load up again and again to make next purchase , because now the checkout is fabulously easy and comfortable.
Magento One Page Checkout key features:
Easy checkout page interface. Everything is on single page now, there is not any other instructions to follow, as page load up again or checkout understanding. The cart is added to the page of checkout. You can remove the products from the shopping cart, moving immediately the account bidding. With Magento Cart Checkout you will see your cart displayed on that same page! You can even instantly delete items you don’t need without going back to the cart. Magento One Page Checkout extension transforms your clumsy checkout service into the fast form, which needs nominal time and attempt to fill it successfully. There is support for different meta for different products and categories. It has a full control customized URL. One can ship to multiple addresses in one order with Magento.
Magento can run well on the LAMP surrounding. Making one or various invoices, consignments as well as credit memos for per order to let for divided fulfillment is quite easy with Magento. The checkout functionality is excellent. Magento is integrated with Google analytic. The Checkout structure allows their client without any fearfulness of leak, to pass on with the outstanding security steps to fill their credit and bank information for billing. Magento Pop-Up Cart allows you to watch at your shopping cart at any page of the Magento store, as well as managing your cart items. As a rule, you need to go and refresh a special “your cart” page to check what goods do you have in it.
Magento Pop-Up Cart key features:
The “proceed to checkout” button is also present. Moreover, the customer can instantly remove items from the cart. Magento Pop-Up Cart extension gives the customer fast access to his cart on any page of the shop. The cart is popping up after pressing (rolling over) the button. Possibility to quickly remove items from cart. Updating the cart without page reloading. A popping up cart on any page. As Magento takes care of all of your business needs, so now just sit and relax. Magento acts like a magical wand for online store owners around the world. Hire a Magento Developer to get started with your online shops. It has allowed them to manage multiple stores from a single admin panel.
One can migrate from other shopping carts like Oscommerce and X-cart to magento. It allows customizing the inbuilt functionality in a simple manner. Anyone can incorporate magento cart with any third party software such as eBay, Drupal,WordPress, etc. It also has a very good layered navigation for filtering of products. Magento supports as many as 50 payment gateways. Magento shows several products on one page. Attractive API system. One can compare products on magento online stores.
Seven Simple Magento Execution Tips You Can Set from the Control Panel

  • Update Often and utilize the Current Steady Edition
  • Only Install those Extensions which You required, Broaden Minimally
  • If you do not required it then Avoid to utilize the Layered Transportation
  • Enable Magento Flat Catalog
  • Combine Javascript and CSS files
  • Turn Compilation On
  • Turn Logging Off

Magento is a dream come true for the global e-commerce industry. With magento online stores, one can recommend products to their friends. Its flexible features allow online store owners to have an unprecedented control over their online shops. Magento has a very good automated site map. The order tracking system is awesome. Magento’s intuitive administration interface features catalog-management tools, search engine optimization,powerful marketing to furnish online merchants the power to create sites which are tailored to their specific business requirements. With the best Magento Developers on board and a high-end environment of hosting, Magento shopping cart can renders the best functionality at open source level.