Magento Upgradation & Patching

Keeping Magento store safe and secure is the topmost priority for every owner. Just one security breach can cost your business a lot of time and money. More importantly, a breach erodes the trust you’ve worked hard to build with your customers. You can significantly reduce the risk of your Magento store by keeping your site up to date with the latest security releases.

Why Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version?

Are you running your magneto store in an older version? If yes, then you are at a higher risk of getting a security breach or a hack leading to loss of customer database. To avoid this, upgrading Magento stores is the only prevention to take before it’s too late. Upgrading to the latest version can help you with: –

  • Enhance Security: – Being one of the most popular E-commerce platforms it is constantly subjected to attempted security attacks. Using an older version of the store means that the risk of getting hacked are quite high. The latest version of Magento covers all the loopholes of security.
  • Latest Features: – The latest feature of the upgrade not only enhances the shopping experience of your customers but also makes it quite a convenience for admin.
  • Speed Up Magento Store Performance: – The latest upgradation is being released along with the code optimization which enhances Magento store performance and fixes bugs on the old version.
  • Theme Improvement: – The newer the upgrade is the better the store will look. The latest upgrade offers some of the best looking and innovative themes.
  • Additional Choices: – The market of extensions is very diverse with the latest upgrades to choose from.
  • Improved Checkout Process: – One of the most important aspects of Magento store is its checkout process as it determines whether you make the sale or not. Often users abandon the shopping cart process due to the slow checkout processing, few payment options or forced to create an account to view products. But with Magento2 you get a better checkout process with only two steps which simplifies the checkout process and improved customer experience.
  • Better Mobile Shopping: – Today Almost 50% of the transactions that happen online are now done through mobile devices. The latest version offers significantly improved mobile user experience. Combined with faster speed and mobile-friendly checkout, the conversion rate has drastically improved with Magento 2.

More Benefits of Magento Upgradation

  • Optimize page loading
  • Engaging User Experience
  • In-depth analysis of your store
  • Advanced conversion rate
  • The minimal extension integration time
  • Secured Payment Gateways
  • Modernized checkout process
  • Reduction in cart rejection rate
  • Minimal risk

Why OSC?

Upgrading your existing Magento store is one of trickiest and attention seeking process to ensure zero data loss with almost zero downtime. Our experienced team of magneto developers helps deliver you with a smooth upgrade. We migrate your site, irrespective of its existing platform and make sure that it has a secured backup with no loss of data. We don’t leave any loopholes behind and deliver high-quality and affordable Magento upgrade services with other benefits such as: –

  • Magento certified professionals
  • Secure Migration
  • 100% Data Security
  • Preserved SEO Rankings
  • Timely Delivery
  • Add modifications and eradicated with bug fixes.
  • No data loss & Zero Downtime
  • All Security Patches Included

Our Magento Upgradation Service Includes

  • Audit of Magento module and code
  • Upgrading and taking a backup of the database
  • Installation of latest security patches
  • Magento store theme redesign
  • QA/Final testing of components that are upgraded
  • Publishing your upgraded e-commerce store
  • Higher ratings increased traffic
  • Increased protection against cyber-attacks for better security of clients.
  • Fixing of bugs post upgrading
  • Versions we provide support for versions Magneto community 1.X+, 2.X+, and Magento Community 1.X+, 2.X+
  • Post-launch support.