Magento Security

Magento being a high-value target for hackers it is important to have stringent security measures to minimize its vulnerabilities. Our experts help store owners enhance the security of the platform and protect website and customers data from hackers. We follow the best security practices and protocols that are required to safeguard your Magento storefront.

Why Secure Your E-Commerce (Magento) Store?

  • Magento is an open source system for eCommerce websites and is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. E-commerce stores are generally on high target for hackers.
  • Magento is an active community where vulnerabilities are discussed this means hackers are aware of every vulnerable opportunity.
  • Magento actively releases security patches. This also means that hackers do know the vulnerable areas and target sites that have not applied any security patches.
  • Community extensions are used to add features with minimum cost. At times these extensions will have vulnerabilities areas & hackers being aware will use those loopholes & hack.
  • Hackers have access to code & database which they use for their benefit by modifying the code they can have easy access to customers’ confidential details.

eCommerce sites are highly targeted by hackers. It is important to take necessary measures because the chances of a user revisiting a compromised site are absolutely zero. This can ultimately result in the loss of your business.

Most Vulnerable Magento Security Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Our Magento experts believe that there are some core areas of your store that are most vulnerable to attacks which makes it utmost important for store owners to identify these areas and secure it with security patches. Below are some of the most vulnerable security threats of your Magento store that you should be aware of: –

  • Injections: – Hackers are on a constant lookout on ways to acquire information from the site for which they use file and SQL injections to modify the codes. The injections are generally shared via URL, cookies which is why it is important to eliminate such changes. In such cases, it is quite significant to take help from expert to locate the breaches and keeping a constant eye on such issues.
  • Scripting: – Cross-site scripting is one of the most popular hacking techniques for Magento. In this type of attack hackers plant codes in forms which are submitted via the website that are later used to stole information and misuse it.
  • Object Reference and URL Management: – While setting up a Magneto store it is of utmost importance to avoid using obvious reference for URLs as it which makes it easy for hackers to decode and steal information.

Why Choose OSC For Magento Security?

Our Magento security certified experts take care of installing security patches quickly and efficiently with no downtime & without affecting the performance of your website. Also, our experts keep monitoring the latest security trend and release of the patch to keep you updated with the latest security measures.

Our Magento Security Service Include: –

  • Review server logs for suspicious activity.
  • Review of your Magento codebase.
  • Security patches
  • Secure hosting environment
  • Spamming Protection
  • Upgrading to latest Magento version.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Use encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS).
  • Using a file and data integrity checking tool to receive notification of any potential malware installation.
  • IP Tables & Firewall Configure (If Applicable)
  • Setup Maldet/Chkrootkit/ClamAV scan in cron
  • Code-level changes
  • Check for Unauthorized Admin users.
  • Prevent SQL injection.
  • Eliminate e-mail loopholes.
  • Regular security review of a web store.
  • Monitor system logins for unexpected activity or commands.
  • Installing missing security updates or patches
  • Identifying application & Environment Vulnerabilities
  • Recommend Security Best Practices