Magento Security Audit Services

Identify vulnerability and Immune your online business
The security of your site is paramount. Our expert’s services will help you do a complex analysis of your Magento store which involves Testing for system vulnerabilities, Security patches installation and configuration, Installed security patches analysis and HTTPS security patches analysis.

Why secure your E-commerce(Magento) store?

  • Magento is an open source system for eCommerce websites and is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. E-commerce stores are generally the target of hackers.
  • Magento has an active community where vulnerabilities are discussed. This also means that hackers too will know the opportunities due to vulnerabilities.
  • Magento actively releases security patches. This also means that hackers do know of probable vulnerabilities and will target sites that have not applied patches.
  • Community extensions are used to add features with minimum cost. At times these extensions will have vulnerabilities & hackers being aware will use those loopholes & hack.
  • Hackers through vulnerabilities have access to code & database. Which can be used for their benefit. Also by modifying the code, hackers can have access to customers’ confidential details.
  • Reports across the industry suggest that eCommerce sites are highly targeted by hackers. If any customer comes across a site that has been compromised the chances of revisiting the site by them becomes absolutely zero which ultimately results in loss of their business.
  • The overall cost of preventive security steps is much much lesser if compared to a site that is vulnerable to hacking.

Why Security Audit for your Magento Store?

We recommend site owners to use the self-check trick to get an idea of how secure their site is. A website can be compromised due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Server Security
  2. Code Vulnerabilities
  3. Password Stolen
  4. Some backdoor code

Above are some basic vulnerabilities issues that you can face in your site.

Some of the vulnerability types are:

  • XSS
  • SQL Injection
  • Insecure Directory object
  • CSRF
  • RFI
  • LFI
  • Unauthorized file upload
  • Juicy info

Web security experts use tools & a well-defined approach to efficiently do security audit & come with security audit reports.

Our Services Include:

Our Magento Audit services include a complete analysis of your server and application by Magento Certified Developer which involves:-

  • Review of your Magento codebase.
  • Server environment
  • Admin panel configuration
  • Team processes
  • Magento version
  • Security patches
  • Installing missing security updates or patches
  • Adaptive filtering recommendations for NGINX and Apache.
  • Code-level changes
  • Changes in your internal process
  • Assistance in constructing an Incident Response Plan.
  • Identifying application & Environment Vulnerabilities
  • Identifying ¬†Application Brute Force Entry Points
  • Malware Scan Report
  • Recommend Security Best Practices

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