Making a top-notch website becomes secondary when you are not able to pull the desired number of people to your site.

That is why we are going to discuss some points that might be hitting the traffic of your eCommerce store.

We can bifurcate these pointers in 2 category – 1) Marketing Strategy 2) SEO strategy

SEO mistakes

  • Having a slow website

Just say that someone found the link to your landing page because you did the marketing right but the page is too slow to open. Slow speed is not only one of the biggest factors that can prevent your customer to actually go through your products but also hampers your brand value.

First meaning full paint and first meaningful content of google speed analytics is of importance in this case.

Check your website speed parameters using Google page insights

  • Poor quality keywords research

Key word plays a crucial role in the organic search aspect of SEO therefore thorough research is necessary. One of the most crucial mistake that might occur while researching is forgetting your target audience. Whatever you are doing for your eCommerce store say selecting designs, Product description, preparing a marketing strategy, Content etc, keeping the target audience in mind is a must.

Another crucial mistake is forgetting  Business targeted keywords

  • Spamming Content

Stop Spamming your own content! This means unnaturally stuffing meta tags, URLs, product descriptions, and other content with keywords. This can lead to a drop in rankings instead of a boost. This spamming is unwanted and cannot serve you in any constructive way as far as modern SEO rules are concerned.

  • Non SEO friendly URLs and HTML:

This includes missing Alt Tags and Meta Tags. The URL structure throughout the site must be uniform and keywords must be included.

  •  Duplicate Content and Lacking Product Reviews

These two factors lower your Google page ranking which will definitely, in turn, reduce the number of people visiting your website.

  • Missing Structure Data markup/ Rich Snippet

Structured data will allow users to see the value of a website before they visit, via rich snippets, which are rich data that are displayed in the SERPs. Rich data meaning the important information about the products or services. For example, Images, Rating, Price, Address, events, etc depending on your business needs.


  • Not using Social Media Marketing

In present times, we all know the influence social media has in our lives. Setting the right Social media strategy and choosing the right social media is a must. One important thing to note here is that social media marketing might not be that successful in some  business vertical. Identify your needs and then choose the marketing strategy.

  • Not having a content marketing plan

It present scenario, it is very well established that content is the king. Right content that connects with your audience has known to increase the brand value and conversions.

  • Not knowing your Targeted Audience

As discussed earlier, knowing your target audience and segmenting it boosts the various sectors of overall strategy making – marketing as well as SEO

  • Not Using Automated Email Marketing

The main benefit you will get of automated email marketing is the analysis that you get from those software. These statistics helps to improve marketing strategy and target customers.This will help in higher target traffic.

  • Not using Re-targeting to bring customers back to your site

Focusing on getting new customers is good but what is even better is to secure the gems in our existing plane. Monthly newsletters, Reward points, special offers just for existing customers, feedback can get the old traffic moving.

  • Not following the 70-20-10 rule for your digital media

70-20-10 rule is for the investment in social media marketing. It depends on the Risk factors. More the Risk,  less percentage of the budget should be invested on. It is more like that you should know which platform can earn you better output.