Magento API Integration Services

Extend your network to control everything on your Magento 2 site using expertly deployed APIs

Brief Description

Magento 2 includes a number of predefined APIs that allow merchants to access nearly every aspect of their M2 site right out of the box. APIs are reusable, stable, and manageable — once built, an API can provide data repeatedly. However, it is not easy to integrate these third-party integrations with Magento and have them function flawlessly.
OSC developed the Magento 3rd Party integration service to assist store owners who wish to combine third-party with their Magento store at a low cost in order to provide their customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. With the assistance of our Experienced Magento Experts, you will save precious time and money with our seamless integration process. We assist you in quickly automating various and complicated business processes in order to make them easier and more manageable.

What Can OSC Do With Magento Web APIs?

Magento Integration Service: We can carry out all required integration, including enterprise-level and cloud integration.
Integrate with Third-Party Applications: One of the most important aspects of Magento is the extensive customization available by third-party extensions. We will assist you in integrating third-party applications in order to automate your store
Integrate with ERP and CRM software: By aligning information from the e-commerce platform to the enterprise, you can increase operating performance and customer loyalty.
Ecommerce Marketplace Integration: Enhance your product exposure and achieve a strategic edge by integrating your product with an e-commerce marketplace.
Payment Gateway Integration: To ensure the safest online transactions, we will integrate your payment gateway to make it both secure and simple.

Magneto API integration services

OSC’s Magento 3rd Party Integration Service includes the following features:
  • Magento Integration with Themes / Templates
  • Magento Integration with Third-party SMS Gateway integration
  • Magento Integration with Third-party Payment Gateway’s API
  • Magento Integration with any Third Party Extension
  • Magento Integration with any CMS
  • Magento Integration with Shipping Providers API
  • Magento Integration with Google Map API
  • Magento Integration with any Third-party Warehouse API Integration
  • Magento Integration with any Android and iOS app
  • Other Third-party API integration with Magento

Benefits of Magento Third-Party Integration

  • It is easy to optimize web pages for fast and efficient distribution.
  • Improving backend operations performance
  • Improves database flexibility and scalability in order to handle peak loads
  • Payment is made in a safe and reliable manner.
  • Improve your eCommerce store’s efficiency and scalability.
  • End-to-end checkout speeds are 51 percent better.


  • Magento programmers with extensive experience
  • Operations that are secure and stable
  • Compatibility of all programming languages
  • A seamless user experience
  • Standardizes corporate practices
  • Insights and reports in real-time
  • Integration of social media platforms to enhance omnichannel capabilities
Contact us today for a custom API quote or assistance in incorporating an existing API with your Magento Store.
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