How to Add Tiered Pricing

How to create an offer for Products Variant based on Customer Tags?

Step 1 :- On App Dashboard, Click on Tiered Pricing for Variants


Step 2 :- New tab will open to select product select the products on which you want to add tiered pricing and click on Add button


Step 3 :- Here you can apply Wholesale pricing to each Variants based on Customer Tags. Make sure to click on Save after applying the tiered pricing rules.


How to create offers for Products and Collections based on Customers Groups?

Step 1 :- On App Dashboard, Click on Create Offer Tab


Step 2 :- Mention Offer Name, Offer Details (Wholesale Pricing) Apply discount to Selected Products or Selected Collections Assign discount to Customer Groups

  1. All Customers
  2. Logged in Customers
  3. Tagged Customers