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Will the Default Shopify discount codes work with Frequently Bought Together products?2024-04-16T14:12:46+00:00

Yes, Shopify default discount codes work at the checkout page with Frequently Bought Together products.

Can I offer a Frequently Bought Together with a discount?2024-04-16T14:12:02+00:00

No, as per now we are not handling any kind of discount features which are applied to Frequently Bought Together products.

Are Shopify Pricing and Discount Impacted with Frequently Bought Together Products?2024-04-16T14:12:10+00:00

No, Shopify Pricing and Discount Impacted with Frequently Bought Together Products

How to link Frequently Bought Together products?2024-04-16T14:10:11+00:00
  1. In Shopify Admin Navigate to the Assign Section.
  2. Select “Assign Offer” to access the product page.
  3. Pick the product you wish to assign Frequently Bought Together products.
  4. Select “More Actions” and Click on the upsell cross-sell app.
  5. The form will appear with the main product; click on “Assign product.”
  6. Add two Frequently Bought Together products to the main product, then save your changes.

Offer Display: The Frequently Bought Together offer will now be created and displayed on the product page of your store for customers to see.

Why is the widget not appearing in my online store?2024-04-16T14:08:55+00:00

For the offer widget to visible in the product page, the following are required:

How can I Enable/Disable Frequently Bought Together sections?2024-04-16T14:06:35+00:00

To Enable/Disable Frequently Bought Together section you need to follow below steps:

Manual Process

To Enable/Disable you have to go to Shopify admin, click Sales Channel => Online Store => Customization => In Home Page drop down select Products => Click on Default Product => In Apps Section Click on Add block => In APPS click on Frequently block => In Title add and update heading => click on Save button on the top right corner.

Automatic Process

To Enable/Disable Cross sell/Upsell section, Click on Active App in Setting => In Apps click on Frequently block => In Title add and update heading => Click on Save button on the top right corner.

How to update Title Heading?2024-04-16T14:05:43+00:00

Title heading text can be updated from Customization > App Embeds > Select app name Frequently > Add Frequently Bought Together Title > Click on Save Button

Will this app integrate with another app I have?2024-04-16T14:05:07+00:00

We would like to explore this too. Please reach out to our support and let us know your requirements. We’ll be glad to help.

Are products applied for both upsell and cross-sell?2024-04-16T14:03:10+00:00

No, as of now we are handling only Frequently Bought Together products.

Does it work with shopify’s default add to cart button?2024-04-16T13:32:35+00:00

No, we are providing our customized add to cart button with our Frequently Bought Together products on the Product page.

How do I turn off my theme’s Default Related Products Items?2024-04-16T13:31:48+00:00

1) Navigate to the “Online Store” section of your store, then go to the Customize section of your theme.
2) On the site preview on the right, navigate to any of your product pages until you have a “Product recommendation” section displayed on the menu on the left.
3) Disable “Related products” and click SAVE (top right).

What are the Different Widget/Templates available?2024-04-16T13:29:25+00:00

We are having one widget as of now that is Frequently Bought Together. For Customization contact us.

How can I activate Frequently Bought Together products within my theme on the product page?2024-04-16T13:27:50+00:00

We are providing a template for Frequently Bought Together products on product page
The steps you need to follow

1) Navigate to the “Online Store” section of your store, then go to the Customize section of your theme.
2) On the site preview on the right, navigate to any of your product pages until you have a “Product Information” section displayed on the menu on the left.
3)Click on the Add block and select the Frequently Bought Together block inside the app section.
4) Click on the save button on the top right corner.
You can also drag and drop a Frequently Bought Together block as per your requirement.

Does your app manage Frequently Bought Together products at the variant level?2024-04-16T13:27:12+00:00

No, Our app handles only simple products and the first variant of the product.

Does your App support Import/Export?2024-04-16T13:26:11+00:00

No, We are not handling Import/Export. It will be handled in the next release.

What will happen if the product is out of stock?2024-04-16T13:25:32+00:00

Out of stock products will not display on complementary product lists in the product page.

Does this app work with Shopify 2.0 themes?2024-04-16T13:16:32+00:00

Yes, App supports Shopify 2.0 Themes. In case there are some custom changes on your store, you can make App compatible with simple changes in App embeds.

Does this App support Shopify Vintage themes?2024-04-16T13:14:10+00:00

No, our app does not support Shopify Vintage Themes.
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What happens to a store when the theme is updated?2024-04-16T13:12:47+00:00

Yes, if we have done custom changes on your store’s App. You might need to re-configure the app only if the theme is changed.

Can I disable App on my store?2024-04-16T13:11:01+00:00

Yes, you can disable the App from Dashboard.

How Can I Contact Someone Before Purchasing?2024-01-31T11:57:04+00:00

We prioritize clear communication and building trust. Get in touch with our expert manager, Ankit Shrivastava, to discuss your needs and tailor a solution for your Shopify store’s success.

Feel free to reach out! We’re here to answer any questions and help you unlock the full potential of your Shopify website.

Remember, with a fast and optimized store, you’ll leave your customers with a positive experience and watch your conversions soar.

Can I Pay Online?2024-01-31T11:53:01+00:00

Yes! We offer convenient online payment options through PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.

What Tools Do You Use?2024-01-31T11:52:28+00:00

We leverage leading industry tools like PageSpeed Insights, Gtmetrix, and Lighthouse for comprehensive site speed analysis. Additionally, we use tools like Photoshop for image editing and TinyPNG for image compression.

How Do You Guarantee Results?2024-01-31T11:51:41+00:00

We’re confident in our abilities! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on improvements based on our chosen package. Our proven track record speaks for itself, evidenced by our consistently high customer retention.

Do You Outsource Work?2024-01-31T11:00:35+00:00

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on in-house expertise. Our team of highly skilled and certified professionals handle every aspect of your project, ensuring consistent quality and alignment with your expectations.

What is Your Time Zone and Availability?2024-01-31T10:59:57+00:00

We’re available for your convenience Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM IST. We can flex our schedules for additional communication needs in specific cases.

How Much do Your Services Cost?2024-01-31T12:28:25+00:00

We offer two tailored packages, Basic and Platinum, to cater to your specific needs. You can find detailed pricing and plan specifications on our website:

What Type of Work Do You Do?2024-01-31T12:38:58+00:00

We look at various optimization opportunities and use various speed optimization techniques to resolve them.

Some of the most important activities we do are 

  • Upgrade theme : Communicate with app providers, if their apps are resulting in speed issues and get those resolved. If app providers are not able to resolve then we suggest alternate apps or customization approaches get the optimization issue sorted.
  • We handle cumulative layout shifting by working on HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • For images payload, we use lazy loading to defer offscreen images and also see if we have the option to apply picture tags for responsive images.
  • We remove or defer JS if possible using some advanced front-end techniques.
  • We handle the font visibility aspect using the swap technique.
  • We also remove unwanted CSS
  • The overall goal is to pass websites plus improve website speed score.
Can I Speak to Some of Your Past Clients?2024-01-31T12:39:27+00:00

We’re happy to share success stories! With high customer retention rates, we’re confident our clients can vouch for our expertise. We can connect you with references based on your specific needs and industry.

Is Bitcoin Practical to Use for Daily Spending?2024-01-08T09:58:49+00:00

Bitcoin can be practical for daily spending, depending on the merchant. Large online retailers that accept Bitcoin often have streamlined integrations that make the variety of things you can buy with Bitcoin wider. However, Bitcoin payments are not yet ubiquitous at local brick-and-mortar stores. As more merchants adopt Bitcoin payments, retail usage for daily spending will likely become more common.

Does Using Bitcoin for Purchases Provide Any Privacy Benefits?2024-01-08T09:59:06+00:00

Paying with Bitcoin can provide more privacy compared to credit cards or bank transfers since no personal information is required to send Bitcoin. All that is needed is the recipient’s public wallet address. However, Bitcoin transactions are recorded permanently on the blockchain, though wallet owners remain anonymous. So, Bitcoin provides pseudo-anonymity but not complete privacy.

Why Would Someone Choose to Buy Something With Bitcoin Rather Than Fiat Currency?2024-01-08T09:59:23+00:00

There are a few key reasons to consider purchasing with Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows buying goods without sharing personal financial information like with a credit card. It avoids the possibility of payments being denied or held for fraud review when using a card. Bitcoin enables quick payments and faster checkout without bank delays. And paying directly with Bitcoin means not missing out on any price gains if converting back to fiat.

Is It Risky to Pay for Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin Due to Volatility?2024-01-08T09:59:46+00:00

Bitcoin’s volatile price swings do carry risks when paying directly in Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin can change quickly in the time between a purchase and when the merchant receives the payment. Merchants often use payment processors to mitigate this exchange rate risk. In some cases, making smaller everyday purchases with Bitcoin may be less risky than high-value purchases.

Does Bitcoin Have Any Advantages for International Purchases?2024-01-08T10:00:03+00:00

Paying with Bitcoin can be very advantageous for buying goods and services abroad. International credit card transactions often incur extra fees and exchange rate markups. Banks also frequently charge hefty fees for international wire transfers. Bitcoin enables quick, low-cost, cross-border payments without intermediaries. This gives consumers more access to foreign goods.

What Signs Indicate That the Adoption of Bitcoin Payments Is Growing?2024-01-08T10:00:37+00:00

Indicators show that adoption is growing, and there are more and more things you can buy with Bitcoin, such as major companies adding support for Bitcoin transactions, more merchants signing up for crypto payment processing services, and increased consumer interest and discussions about spending Bitcoin. According to payment processors, Bitcoin payment volume is growing year-over-year as more businesses accept it.

Does your app support multi-currency functionality?2024-01-08T10:00:50+00:00

Currently, our app does not support multi-currency functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Will Tier pricing apply on product’s original price or Sale price?2024-01-08T10:01:28+00:00

Tier pricing is calculated on the product”s “Sale Price” (not the​ compare-at-price).

How does SEO help in building trust and brand reputation for pharma companies?2024-01-08T10:01:51+00:00

By optimizing their website for relevant keywords, pharma companies can rank higher in search results and be discovered by their target audience. A well-designed, informative website conveys expertise and establishes the brand as an authority. SEO also aids in getting press mentions and backlinks from reputed healthcare sites, further boosting trust.

What are the challenges of content creation in the pharma industry due to HIPAA regulations?2024-01-08T10:02:07+00:00

HIPAA regulations prohibit the disclosure of a patient’s health information without consent. This makes it difficult for pharma content creators to use patient stories or real-world examples to make their content more engaging. They need to be very compliant and avoid making claims about cures, treatments, etc. without disclaimers.

Why is keyword research crucial for SEO in the pharma industry?2024-01-08T10:02:20+00:00

Thorough keyword research ensures pharma brands are optimizing for terms prospects are actually using when searching for drugs and treatments online. This leads to higher click-through rates. Identifying low-competition long-tail keywords also helps brands rank better. Effective keyword optimization is key to SEO success.

How can startups in Dubai effectively allocate budgets for digital marketing?2024-01-08T10:02:33+00:00

Startups should set aside at least 10-20% of revenue for marketing from inception. Budgets can then be allocated to platforms based on goals. For awareness, social media gets priority. For lead generation, SEO and PPC take precedence.

Why should startups partner with local digital marketing agencies?2024-01-08T10:07:42+00:00

These agencies offer tailored strategies based on the nuances of the Dubai market. Their expertise provides startups with a competitive edge in a crowded digital landscape.

How can startups measure digital marketing success?2024-01-08T10:08:10+00:00

Platform analytics dashboards provide real-time campaign performance data. Tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, leads, and sales allows startups to connect marketing efforts to actual ROI.

Why is UI/UX Important in Marketing?2024-01-08T10:08:27+00:00

The main purpose of UI/UX is to break down complex information for easy understanding. It makes user habits and satisfaction the main focus which in turn increases your product reputation.

Does UX Design and Marketing Go Together?2024-01-08T10:08:43+00:00

Yes, UX and marketing can work together towards the same goal which is to generate revenue.

Does UX and UI Come Under Digital Marketing?2024-01-08T10:10:04+00:00

The simple answer is No. If there’s no user experience, there is no digital marketing.

Can you do SEO on Shopify?2024-01-08T09:57:19+00:00

Yes, you can perform SEO on Shopify stores by optimizing various on-page and off-page elements, creating high-quality content, improving user experience, and implementing other SEO best practices to increase your store’s visibility in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website.

Is it worth paying for SEO on Shopify?2024-01-08T10:10:42+00:00

The decision to pay for SEO services on Shopify depends on several factors, including your budget, goals, and the competitiveness of your industry. While it’s possible to perform SEO on your Shopify store yourself, hiring a professional SEO agency or expert can offer several benefits that may be worth the investment.

Is free SEO better for Shopify or paid SEO?2024-01-08T10:44:19+00:00

Paid SEO may be more suitable for businesses that have the budget and want to achieve faster results and have more complex SEO needs, while free SEO may be more appropriate for businesses with limited budget and resources, and are willing to invest more time and effort in learning and implementing different SEO strategies.

How can I add Tiered discount to products or collections2024-01-08T10:44:31+00:00

On Dashboard, Click on Create Offer Tab

Mention Offer Name, Offer Details (Tiered Pricing)

Apply discount to Selected Products or Selected Collections

Assign discount to Customer Group:

  1. All Customers
  2. Logged in Customers
  3. Customers with Specific Tags

Video Tutorial

How to add a discount at variant level?2024-01-08T10:03:46+00:00
  • On Dashboard, Click on Tiered Pricing
  • New tab will open to select product
  • Select the product and click on Add button
  • Here you can apply Wholesale pricing to each Variant

Video Tutorial

How to offer a wholesale discount to customers with Tags?2024-01-08T11:51:20+00:00
  • On Dashboard, Click on Create Offer Tab
  • Mention Offer Name, Offer Details (Tiered Pricing)
  • Apply discount to Selected Products or Selected Collections
  • Assign discount to Customer Group:

Customers with Specific Tags

(Create a new customer Tag and assign same Tag to customers)

Video Tutorial 

The Discount Table is not displayed on the Product Page.2024-01-08T11:51:30+00:00

Please ensure basic App Setup is complete, watch the below video for more details:

Video Tutorial 

For any assistance, Email us at support@oscprofessionals.com

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The Discount price is not reflecting on the Cart Page.2024-01-08T11:51:49+00:00

In Shopify admin, click Sales Channel => Online Store => Customization => App Embeds => Click on Custom Price Grid

Enter element ID or Class of the respective Line Items

For any assistance, Email us at support@oscprofessionals.com

Contact Us

The Discount price is not updated when I click on the “Add to Cart” button2024-01-08T11:52:32+00:00

In Shopify admin, click Sales Channel => Online Store => Customization => App Embeds => Click on Custom Price Grid

Enter element ID or Class of the following Line Item:

  • For Add to Cart button
    HTML reference for Add to cart button on the Product page (ID or class) in
    Add To Cart button input box

    Example: .product-form__submit
The Discount price is not updated when I click on the “Checkout” button on cart page and Cart Drawer (Mini cart)2024-01-08T11:53:04+00:00

In Shopify admin, click Sales Channel => Online Store => Customization => App Embeds => Click on Custom Price Grid

Enter element ID or Class of the following Line Item:

  • For Checkout button on Cart Page and Cart Drawer
    HTML reference for Checkout button on the Cart Page and Cart Drawer (ID or class) in
    Checkout Button input box

    Example: #checkout , #CartDrawer-Checkout
When placing an Order through Shopify’s admin, will the tier pricing apply?2023-09-14T12:32:03+00:00

No, Orders placed from Shopify Admin are not currently eligible for Tiered discount.

Does this App support Shopify 2.0 themes?2023-09-14T12:26:05+00:00

Yes, App supports Shopify 2.0 Themes. In case there are some custom changes on your store, you can make App compatible with simple changes in App embeds.

Does this App support Shopify Vintage themes?2023-09-14T12:27:25+00:00

No, we need to add code fixes to make the App compatible with your store. Contact Us

Can I apply tiered pricing at collection level?2024-01-08T09:54:32+00:00

Yes, you can apply % discount or fixed price on your sale price as per qty and customer tag.
Example: Products in “New collection” can be offered Tier/Tiered Price – Buy 2 for 10% off and assign this to customers with Tag (VIP).

Can I apply tiered pricing at product level?2024-01-08T09:54:53+00:00

Yes, you can apply % discount or fixed price on your sale price as per qty and customer tag.
Example: Selected Products can be offered Tier/Tiered Price – Buy 10 for 50% Off and assign to Wholesale customer Tag.

Can I apply tiered pricing for Product variants?2024-01-08T09:55:17+00:00

No, customer tags are presently not supported. If you want to give customer tag based tiered pricing then we recommend to use product or collection based tiered pricing interface.

What if I have tier price at variant level, Product level and Collection level?2024-01-08T11:53:24+00:00

In this case Variant will have the highest priorty over product and collection. That means Tier price offered at variant level will be displayed on Product Page.
Example: Offer 1: Buy 2 for 5% off – White Floral Top
Offer 2: Buy 5 for 5% off – Floral Top
Offer 3: Buy 10 for 5% off – Tops collection (including Floral Top)
Offer 1 will be applied as its Variant level offer which has highest priority.

What if a product is in two collections and both collections have different tier price rules?2024-01-08T11:53:36+00:00

The Collection / Offer which is displayed on Top in “List of Offers” will be applied. Then the next Offer / Collection that is in the list will be applied.
Example: Silk Summer Top is in collection is in “New Collection” (Buy 2 for 5% Off) and “Clearance Sale” Collection (Buy 2 for 10% Off).
If New Collection is displayed first in “Offer List” then Silk Summer Top will display (Buy 2 for 5% Off) on product page.
You can simply drag and drop Clearance sale on Top and (Buy 2 for 10% Off) will be displayed on Product page.

What if a Offer Rule is disabled in the “List of Offers” then which offer will apply?2024-01-08T11:53:49+00:00

If an Offer Rule is disabled then the next Offer which is in the “List of Offers” will be applied.

Can I disable an offer and enable it later?2024-01-08T09:56:11+00:00

Yes, you can disable Offers on Products and Collections.

How can I disable all the offers on my store?2024-01-08T11:54:02+00:00

Yes, you can diable the App from Dashboard

I created an offer on Custom Collection but the tiered pricing displayed on the product page is different.2024-01-08T11:54:14+00:00

If a Tiered Pricing for Variant level is applied, that is displayed on priority. Just delete it. Then the Collection level tier pricing will be displayed.

Will the discount codes of Shopify work with tier pricing?2023-09-14T12:57:40+00:00

No, When cart contains a tier priced product then Shopify discount code cannot be applied on checkout. In case cart do not have tier pricing products then Shopify discount code can be applied on Checkout.

Does this App work with the BUY NOW button on the product page?2024-01-08T11:54:27+00:00

No, “BUY NOW” or “Buy it now” button is not supported.

What happens to a store when theme is updated?2024-01-08T11:54:53+00:00

Tier pricing will be affected if we have done custom changes on your store’s App. You might need to re-configure the app only if the theme is changed.

Can the discounted price be displayed on the product collection page?2024-01-08T09:56:58+00:00

No, currently tiered pricing is not displayed on Collection page.

Does this app allow customers to request a wholesale account where they can see the wholesale prices?2024-01-08T11:55:17+00:00

No, wholesale account form is not available on the website. However, you can offer tier pricing to customer groups / tags using App.

I need more information or features2024-01-08T11:55:30+00:00
Email us at support@oscprofessionals.com and we are there for you!
What is wordpress hosting?2024-01-08T11:55:44+00:00
With over 50 thousand modules (known as plugins) and hundreds of thousands of templates to help design the page, WordPress can be practically anything. It’s even good for SEO because, like OSCProfessionals, all you need to use is a web hosting contract.
What is managed wordpress hosting?2022-06-28T07:59:06+00:00
While any server can operate WordPress, most hosting companies, such as OSCP professionals, have taken time and effort to configure WordPress servers.
Is wordpress hosting worth it?2024-01-08T11:56:12+00:00
If you’re looking to expand your blog or company for more visitors (and who isn’t?), then the rewards of hosting WordPress are worth it. Even if you’re beginning with something simple now, opting for a controlled WordPress hosting platform now provides you with a reliable basis to develop when you’re ready in the future.
Why should I host with OSCProfessionals?2022-06-28T07:56:28+00:00
Compared to other brands our managed WordPress hosting packages are built to maximize value. If you choose OSCP managed WordPress hosting, enjoy more storage, more email, and free migration services. Plus, our WordPress experts will stand by 24/7/365 if you ever need a hand.
How easy it is to set up wordpress with OSCP?2024-01-08T11:56:38+00:00
It’s as easy as answering a couple of questions and pressing a mouse. You don’t need to upload and delete information, set up a database, set up links. In seconds, it’s all done for you. It could not be better.
In Shopify, how long does it usually take for synchronization to occur?2022-06-22T07:59:45+00:00
Synchronization is generally faster. We need to understand the scenario and usage so our Shopify experts would first like to discuss this. Synchronization also depends on how many products, customers, and orders are to be synchronized.
How do you proceed with Shopify 3rd party integration?2022-06-22T07:58:50+00:00
Upon receipt of your request, we will come up with an expected flow diagram/ business objective document along with a few use cases. We will discuss and make sure that various practical use cases are considered. Once these are finalized our Shopify experts will create an app to achieve the expected solution. We will also suggest which 3rd party solution would be a good option.
Shopify migrations impact SEO significantly?2022-06-08T10:01:50+00:00

Our experts understand SEO and we have a process defined to minimize the impact on SEO. Rather with Shopify in-built features, you can see an upside to your SEO if migration is handled with SEO in mind.

When migrating to Shopify, will my store data be secure?2022-06-08T10:01:17+00:00

Your data will be completely secure during Shopify migration.

How long will the website be down during the Shopify migration?2022-06-08T10:00:44+00:00

Few hours. We generally do the final migration during off-peak hours.

What is the cost of Shopify migration?2022-06-08T09:59:57+00:00

Depending on your needs, the price of our Shopify migration services will vary. To find out more, contact our Manager. It also depends on what all you want to migrate and how much data with each entity.

Which features help me in Sales Activity ?2022-05-23T11:37:58+00:00

You have to install application from playstore and you can start using it. No need to register and no trial period. Free application with complete sales activities as below.

– Add your products or or Bulk data by using CSV file.
– Add your Customers and Vendors/Suppliers manually or Bulk data by using CSV file.
– Now you can create Sales and Purchase Order by clicking on that icon.
– Share order as text, PDF and Excel to customer and vendor
– Share Multiple Order in PDF
– Edit, Copy and Delete Order, product, customer and vendor
– Manage inventory/stock
– Payment followup for reminder to receive payament from customer
– Import and export orders and share multiple order with your boss.
– keep bacup of your data for safe your yaor data
– Low stock, Backup and order delivery alert.notification on mobile
– Create Purchased order from sales order
– Custemize app as per your business needs from settings
– Helps with some other sales activities like Reports, Sales Visite plan, Commisssion and Broker.

How do I create Transaction in Sales Assist?2022-05-23T11:37:40+00:00

– After installing application when you open app, you will see dashboared screen.
– On dashboard, You will see Sales and Purchase icon.
– To create sales and purchase order, first add product and party name.

Sales Order :

– There are three separate sales order forms under Sales >> Order form.
– User can use any order form as per their business need.
– Select customer and add product on order form, Also user can add Tax, Discount, shipping, addotional charges and additional information, any image attachment and delivery date as per need in order and save it to create order.
– Record order as delivered.
– After order created, you can share it with customer/party in Text, PDF, Excel or can print order and provide receipt.
– If user want to create order but temprary its on hold,or in case of Estimation/quotation then user can use order draft feature by clicking on “+” icon on order form.
– This created order pending payment can be added in payment followup under account section.

Purchase Order :

– There are two purchase order form under purchase >> PO form.
– Also you can create PO from Sales order directly.
– User can create order and share message with supplier to purchase item.

Note: You can customize order configuration from settings like show firm detail in order message, configuration, Currency, order message, PDF configuration, Inventory configuration.

How to start using Sales Assist app in 15 mins?2022-05-23T11:37:01+00:00

– There are 3 easy steps to start using it.

1. Install App.
2. Add or Import Customers.
3. Add or Import Products.

There is no registration required to use the app.

How to integrate Sales Assist Order with Woocommerce ?2022-05-23T11:36:09+00:00

Required Plugin:

Download wordpress and configured it with woo-commerce
API Plugin’s for the application. You need to install this plugin’s to your Web Portal (WordPress).
Note: To download this plugin’s visit the below URL

Sales Assist order integration with woocommerce Plugin’s :

How to configure:

A) Web Portal End:

Go to wordpress dashboard

Go to woocommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API > Enter details with READ & WRITE permission > Click on Generate API key

Then you can see Consumer Key & Consumer Secret Key.

B) Android Application end:

Go to Android application, Then click on woo-commerce plugin icon on dashboard,

To add connection, You need to enter your store URL with Generated Consumer Key & Consumer Secret Key
Also you can scan it by QR code

Save Connection
And Use it to upload orders on web portal

How to use:
Import Product and Customer from Woo-Commerce and import to app through csv, but format should be the same which is used in app

ex. SKU of product from woo-commerce replace with product code in csv of product or while adding product manually

You have to do same with customer csv as well.

Customer id of customer from woo-commerce replace with customer code in csv of customer or while adding customer manually.

From order List page you can upload Multiple Order by Long click on any order.
Then upload orders by click on upload order icon.

Tax order can not uploaded. Only Standard and Inventory order uploaded.
Edit price will not reflected in admin of Woo-commerce.

Why do I need a website security?2022-05-16T14:17:09+00:00

Today, a whopping 50 times daily, on average, a website is targeted. A compromise on your website may be a catastrophic and expensive experience, which could potentially damage visitors, sales and credibility. Security on the website is important to protect the website and visitors. And it’s easy to start at an affordable price!
Click here to protect your site today.

Doesn’t my hosting provider protect my website?2022-05-16T14:15:40+00:00

It’s a common misconception that hosting providers protect each website they host. The reality is, your web host only protects the server your website is hosted on, not the website itself. Think of it like securing an apartment building. Property management takes responsibility for securing the building, but each tenant must lock the door to their own apartment.

Do you guarantee my site won’t get compromised?2024-01-08T09:58:06+00:00

We guarantee we’ll do everything within our power to keep the website safe. In security, there is no 100% solution. While we’re highly effective, there are various variables we cannot account for (i.e., the website owner, the web server environment).
Example: if an attacker discovers your admin passwords, or if your website is infected from the back end (server cross-contamination or compromise). You should also ensure that you have set a rule to prevent Firewall bypass in your .htaccess in case someone knows your website’s IP address.

How to start using app in 15min.?2024-01-08T11:56:53+00:00


Step 1: Download Business Assist GST Woocommerce API plugin from https://dev.oscprofessionals.com/wordpress-plugin/business-assist-GST

Step 2: Install and configure it with your WordPress woocommerce store

Step 3: Download Business Assist app from Google Play store

Step 4: Take URL and Key from WordPress admin and add to Business Assist app

Step 5 :User can login in mobile by selecting one of users details from admin

Step 6: You are ready to use!

What is CS and CK key? How do I login in app?2024-01-08T11:57:09+00:00


– Download Distribution and Retail management app from playstore.
– When you open app, app ask for CS and CK key, which we will get from Admin section.
>> From left menubar of admin >> Select woocommerce setting >> Click on Addvanced section >>Rest API>>Add key >> Now add detail and click on Genarte API Key>> now enter this key in mobile and add store URL >> Click on OK.
– Login by user mail Id and password which provided by admin.
>>From left menu bar select users/create new user >> Provide details to executive to login from app.
– Now, app is ready to start using multiple users with different user roles and permissions from WP backend.

How do I check app demo?2024-01-08T11:57:24+00:00

– After installation of app when you open it, One screen will open.
– Here by adding credential user can login to check live application if having WP backend.


– If user not having backend then, click on ” Click here to check demo” at footer of the screen. So you will get Application demo.


– If you want to check App demo with Backend then contact us on Support@oscprofessionals.com.

Business assist is the app for Manufacturing Units?2024-01-08T09:54:13+00:00

– Yes, You can mange all the business activity using this app.

This app usefull to

– Manufacture
– Distributor
– Vendors
– Sales Executive
– Stockist

How do I add/download product and customer in application?2024-01-08T11:57:37+00:00

– On product list screen, click on sync icon from header toolbar.
– On customer list screen, click on sync icon from header toolbar.

So, now your product and customer will download in application from webportal and app ready to take orders.

How to manage orders and upload on Admin?2022-05-10T10:00:07+00:00


– You can take orders from mobile using order form and upload to admin.
– if your mobile connected to internet then order will upload automatically to admin.
– If your device not connected to internet then order will save in mobile with open status, once you have connected to internet order will upload automatically to admin and status will change.
– User can view status of orders from order list.
– Order will edit till it upload to admin.Once it uploaded you can not edit it.
– You will get status of your order by clicking on ” sync symbol” on order list.
– You can share order with your customer.
– You can delete multiple order at once by long press on any order.
– you cam share multiple order with customer and boss in PDF format.

Separate user I’d for sales man?2024-01-08T11:58:05+00:00

– Yes, You can use their mail ID’s and provide passward from web backend to team.
So they can login in app using user ID and Password.

Follow below steps to configure Userid from backend.

– From left menubar in backend, select User >>Add User>> Add username >> Generate and rename password word as per requirement

As above mentions steps create different users and and provide login creadentials to your team to login from app.



This app has capability to connect to online database ? hosted database ?2024-01-08T11:58:18+00:00

– Yes, application “Business Assist -Distribution and Retail Management” uses wordpress backend.
So you can host your own database or we will host database for you.

Is there a paid version of this App ?2022-05-10T09:57:08+00:00

– No, this is free application. No registration required to use this app and no trial period.

Is there any Webbased dashboard in application?2022-05-10T09:56:25+00:00

Yes, Business Assist: distribution and retail management which can be connected to wordpress backend.

Business assist is available for desktop ?2022-05-10T09:55:54+00:00

– Yes, WordPress backend you can manage by using desktop and application you have to use from mobiles.

I am Used to Your Mobile Application and I want some customization in this, so I need an assistance from Your side.2022-05-10T09:55:11+00:00

– Yes Sure, We will definately assist you. Please contact us using support@oscprofessionals.com with your requirement.

Can you sale source code of android/ios native application?2024-01-08T09:57:48+00:00

Generally we do not provide. But you may raise a request for this by contacting us and we can discuss further.

Is it one mobile app for salers, vendor and buyers?2022-05-10T09:53:06+00:00

– Yes, this single application can be used for multiple type of users. Please refer to the user guide.

How do I Manage Roles & Permission for my team?2022-05-10T09:52:33+00:00

– You can set different role for your team and also assign permission to access particular features or hide some data.
– You can manage different role and permission from backend. So your team can access only that data which you assign in permission from mobile end.

From left toolbar of admin,

Select users >> User role editor>> select roll from dropdown >> check mark permission which have to assign.


How do I assign to my team area wise Customer to visit?2022-05-10T09:51:30+00:00

– From left menu bar of Admin Select Location manager.
– Create, Zone, cities and localities of customer.
– Assign localities to executive.
– So while executive download/refresh the customer list to visit, he will see only that customer which area assigned to executive.
– So like this Admin can assign area wise customers to every executive to visit.

How do I change Order Date and Delivery Date from mobile app ?2024-01-08T11:58:30+00:00

– On order form, there is option to change order date and delivery date.


How Can I Upload order to admin?2022-05-10T09:49:00+00:00

– No need to manually upload order every time. If you have taken orders from your customer and once you have conneted to internet, order will upload to admin.

How Do I know my order status?2022-05-10T09:48:13+00:00

– When order created, the order status will in “Open” status.
– Once order uploaded to admin, it will automatically convert into “processing”.
– On order list, by clicking on sync icon, the order status will update as per exact order status from admin

How to manage Sales Order Booking?2022-05-10T09:47:01+00:00

– While visiting to customer executive can take order from customer by using Mobile application,
– If product is in stock then executive can take order.
– But if product is out of stock then executive unable to book order without admin permission.
– To allow executive to book order without stock, follow below steps from admin section –
– Click on product, which have to allow for backorders
– Select Inventory section
– Select status “allow” for backorders and click on Update button.
– Now, every executive can book orders and when stock available order can dispatch.

How to Manage Customer Group Based Tier Price?2024-01-08T11:58:57+00:00

Steps :

– From left menubar of admin, Select tier price section.
– Add Group
– You can edit /delete group from this section.

– Now, click on “assign customer” section.
– Add new customer or click on edit to assign group to customer.

– Now, From product section, select product name which have to apply tier price.
– Click on tier price.
– Select group, enter quantity and add price and update it.
– Now, when order placed from mobile end, Tier price will apply on product price.

Can Shipping tax be VAT Exempted?2024-01-08T09:56:35+00:00

Yes, It can be exempted.

Does it work for the product including custom price?2024-01-08T11:59:08+00:00

Yes, VAT Exempt supports product with custom price.

Is VAT Exempt applicable if order placed from admin?2024-01-08T11:59:22+00:00

Yes, VAT Exempt Extension is applicable for orders placed from admin.

What all versions does VAT Exempt Extension Supports?2024-01-08T11:59:36+00:00

Community version: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9,

Does VAT Exempt Extension supports Excluding/Including prices?2022-05-07T10:04:49+00:00

Yes, it support.

Can guest customers submit quote?2024-01-08T09:53:50+00:00

– Yes, guest customers can submit quote by filling some mandatory fields of request for a quote form i.e email, name, etc

How do we customize what fields show on the checkout? We’d like it to only say “Tax ID” and “Apply Tax Exempt”2022-04-20T13:13:23+00:00

– Fields can be customized on Checkout to show ‘Tax ID’ field and the ‘Apply Tax-Exempt’ button only. For this, we need to do some changes to module files.

Will tax exempt work with mageplaza one step checkout for both guest and registered customer?2022-04-20T13:12:47+00:00

– No, the default module version will not work with mageplaza one step checkout. But we can achieve this by doing customization and make our module compatible with mageplaza one step checkout.

Is it possible to change the field labels (“Name of person the goods are for”)2024-01-08T11:59:48+00:00

-Yes, we can change the field labels.

Is it possible to not display the “Their Condition” and “Tax Type” fields during checkout?2022-04-20T13:10:45+00:00

-Yes, it is possible to not display these fields during checkout.

Can VAT Exempt for Magento® 2 be put on the basket page?2022-04-20T11:10:02+00:00

– Yes, using our module you can display VAT Exempt declaration form on the cart page. There is a module configuration setting available to on/off display VAT declaration on the cart page.

Does this allow telephone orders to be put through VAT Exempt as well (orders through admin) or is it front-end only?2024-01-08T12:00:12+00:00

– Our module allows you to create vat exempted orders from the backend too.

Does your vat exemption extension work with SagePay?2022-04-20T11:08:21+00:00

– Yes

Does VAT exempt support https://amasty.com/one-step-checkout-for-magento-2.html2024-01-08T12:00:29+00:00

– Yes, our module supports amasty one step checkout but this is a custom solution. Let us know which Version of Amasty checkout is using? We will provide this solution with additional cost.

Is it possible to display two options: personal/charity in VAT Declaration for and make it functional accordingly?2024-01-08T12:00:43+00:00

– Yes, we have a custom solution for this. We will provide this solution with additional cost.

Does your vat exemption extension work with Paypal Express?2022-04-20T11:06:00+00:00

– Yes

Does VAT exempt support https://www.onestepcheckout.com/magento-2/2022-04-20T11:12:36+00:00

– Yes, our module supports one step checkout but this is a custom solution.Let us know which Version of checkout is using? We will provide this solution with additional cost.

Does your VAT Exempt magento 2 module support Configurable products? How to enable a vat exempt flag for it?2022-04-20T11:12:10+00:00

– Yes, it supports a Configurable product. You should set VAT Exempt flag to ‘Yes’ for configurable as well as to its associated simple products.

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