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ECommerce Security

Most of the eCommerce websites are at risk from hackers, Scammers, Frauders.Managing eCommerce store is very difficult. hackers are mostly targeting e-commerce websites due to their payment transaction.

Are you sure that your store is safe from hackers ?

If you are not sure about that, Don’t delay make a security scan immediately, don’t wait until it hacked.

All eCommerce frameworks are having loopholes such as Magento, Prestashop, Zencart, PHP etc Product vendors will provide patch or update once there vulnerability get notified.

Many times framework has no vulnerability ability but some additional code or module which you created or buy from the 3rd party can compromise your store and hack credit card and customer info which you don’t want.

Oscprofessionals are expert in eCommerce security, Our expert will review and test your store and provide you detail report with Proof of Concept(POC).

Your store can be compromised by using various technique such as

Types of vulnerability :

  • XSS
  • SQL Injection
  • Insecure Directory object
  • CSRF
  • RFI
  • LFI
  • Unauthorized file upload
  • Juicy info
  • etc

All above points are very dangerous and by using such technique hackers can alter your login credentials, Manipulate your product pricing, Upload file, View Database tables and many more…

Don’t wait until its too late. Ask our Security expert they will help you to keep your store secure.

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