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Why Site Audit?

Site owner core skills is domain where they do business and not what should be within code. Most of companies/developer’s are aware & takes benefit of this shortcomings of site owner.

On times a development company or developers will deliver services which might solve site objective in short term but will not be able to sustain long term objective.(Upgrade, Maintenance, etc)

To make sure that services delivered are to the mark & as per industry standard, with an eye of whats happening around. Site Audit will help to find the gap and keep site owner well informed so as to take proper decision.

Ecommerce Site Audit Categories:

Security Audit

  • Code
  • Server
  • Process of keeping confidential data & backup

Performance Audit

  • Server Setup
  • Code review for server level optimization
  • Site Speed Score

SEO Audit

We will do onsite SEO Audit and provide an insite to your developer & designer.

Web Usability Audit

Following Site Pages/System will be audited for Web Usability:

  • Home
  • Menu
  • Search
  • Product List
  • Products
  • Any other if it is an important page


  • Easy upgrade
  • Module upgrade
  • Customize code maintenance

Can be extended module while keeping the standards in place.

While Oscprofessionals will do a free security audit for one of your site on request with no obligation.

You can have a free scheduled 30 minutes session with our Security & Audit team.

We can also help you with other above stated audits. The above stated audit can be an engine to your growth.

For more information please Contact Us

Support & Maintenance

Here we assume that your website is up and running. So we follow a two step Support & Maintenance with the objective:

  • Site should be stable
  • There should be growth

Other Scenarios:

You have in house team but for some expert level assistance or some immediate challenges you need to look for experts. Thus our team can assist.

In Support & Maintenance we cover following:

  • Server Support
  • Installation
  • Decision related to package/hosting environment
  • Configuration
  • Customization
  • Module installation & enhancements
  • Security Aspect
  • Consulting on overall site related issues

We can be contacted by:

1. Telephone
2. Skype
3. Email
4. Our collaborative system

Why OSCProfessionals?

  • In house team with senior certified Developers/Architectures
  • In house solution specialist to give valuable solutions for a guaranteed growth
  • In house certified security expert
  • Well defined process
  • Detail oriented
  • We are not just another Development company but we will use our teams in-depth knowledge & be a growth engine for your company

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