Data Science – Utilizing data to promote Business

At OSC Professionals, we utilize the data generated from your day-to-day business operations in order to optimize your Budget spends and maximize your Sales and Revenues. Our team offers business solutions based on a judicious mix of business insight, mathematics, logical analysis, algorithms, machine learning and predictive analysis tools such as Power BI, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, etc. Our feedback, solutions and an improvement in your revenue and profit metrics is a continuous loop. In order to optimize business decisions based on data, we offer the entire gamut of services ranging from the modest data entry to building and maintaining your databases, extracting structured and unstructured data from daily operations, subjecting it to validations, analyzing this data using a combination of our expertise and available tools, and presenting and implementing incremental as well as radical business solutions.

Our range of Data Science services include

  1. Data Entry
  2. Building and maintaining databases
  3. Extracting structured and unstructured data from daily operations
  4. Data validation
  5. Data analysis using tools such as Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc.
  6. Subjecting the results to human intelligence and business insight
  7. Presenting and implementing incremental and radical business solutions
We are successfully implementing Data Science to optimize the Google Adwords spends and maximize Revenues and Profits of our existing Clients.
A large amount of data is being generated and captured at a very low cost owing to the massive shift of business transactions online. Along with this, there has been an exponential rise in analytics tools which use this data to predict future trends. However, predictive analytics retains the human element at heart in spite of the strides it has made in machine-based analytics and machine learning. Here is where the team at OSC Professionals and the services which we offer become invaluable. We use a combination of the latest analytics tools and couple it with our very human business insight and logical analysis to come up with the best solution for a range of varied scenarios.
The best example of our proficiency in Data Science lies in how we have managed to use a combination of Analytics and SEO to optimize the Google Adwords spends of our existing clients and maximize their Revenues and Profits. We continuously analyze the data generated from Adwords and adapt the budgets based on the top-selling SKUs, geographies, product categories and other parameters. Based on this analysis, we recommend areas which require Ad spends and areas where organic sales need to be promoted through a combination of SEO techniques. This has been continuously resulting in a virtuous cycle of growing revenues from both Adwords as well as Organic channels.
Since the external business environment is dynamic, it is just not enough to simply extrapolate past performance data into the future. There are changes in fashions, trends, technologies, businesses and competition as firms upscale, downscale or move into or out of business. Hence the past data needs to be collated, analyzed using machine software, and the human intelligence inputs various prospective what-if scenarios into this analysis, before arriving at the most logical, most likely and most feasible conclusions. And then suggesting the most optimum business strategies to benefit from this dynamic analysis.
OSC Professionals boasts of a team of successful data professionals who have hands-on experience in the complete spectrum of data science services. We have developed this expertise by applying and honing our data science techniques for the benefit of a whole host of e-Commerce and other clients, whom we have been providing Magento, Shopify, Digital Marketing and other customized services. When you approach us, we help your business in:
  • Acquisition of data required for making business decisions
  • Validation and structuring of this data for better analysis
  • Maintaining and storing this data
  • Clustering and classifying the data
  • Data mining, modeling and summarizing, followed by simple easy-to-follow data visualization
  • Quantitative, Predictive and Qualitative analysis of this data
  • Data reporting and business decision-making using this analysis
  • Implementation of the approved decision recommendations in a result-oriented manner
  • Providing feedback to improve the business model, machine learning and data collection
We focus on optimizing the efforts needed for selling your products. So you are free to focus on what you do best – deliver the best products at the most optimum cost. Our client testimonies certify our expertise and hands-on experience in the field of Data science, and how we have used these tools to improve their Returns on Investment. So if you are looking to get the best out of your online business, do give us a try. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Just connect to us over phone or through email and we can start discussing solutions with you.

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