Data Analytics as services

See The Data in Different Light

At OSC we help organizations modernize their analytics process through creative business intelligence and data engineering approaches.
We provide data analytics services to companies across a variety of industries, including eCommerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, etc. We turn the data into an organizational and competitive advantage with correctly picked technology stacks, round-the-clock support, committed project manager-helmed staff, and multi-tiered quality and security audits.

Let OSC Accelerate Your Power by Implementation

We design and build reports and dashboards tailored to your unique needs.
Our developers can create API links to your data sources, allowing you to pull data from all related sources and provide a holistic view of your business.

Outcomes Expected

  • A revolutionary way to interpret the data that helps you to easily grab and combine different data sources.
  • Improved insight into market metrics. Spend more time finding ideas and designing your approach than pulling data.
  • Creation and distribution of a PowerBI Dashboard and report for faster exchange of data and observations.
  • A safe approach to reporting on the data source(s).
  • A variety of software and plugins
  • Trained Business Analyst and Report Writer for your organization, capable of producing future reports.

What You Get With Analytics Services

We are able to apply our best data analytics practices to enable businesses to make better decisions in the following areas of business:

Finance analytics

Finance Analytics offers information on financial planning, income from the budget and income from the expenditure statement, and profitability.

Operations analytics

Operations Analytics operates on broad databases for the study and reporting of IT operations. In other words, ITOA is transforming IT processes using Big Data Analytics. It uses a range of data mining techniques to collect valuable knowledge for business planning.

Retail analytics

Digital Analytics provides a dashboard, report, and data collection that analyses retail sales data for products sold through stores and districts. The metrics also compare this year’s results with last year’s revenue, unit, profit margin, and variance analysis of new stores.

Sales analytics

Result is essential to all businesses involved in the sale of goods or services. Sales-Revenue and margin tend to be the most relevant performance tracking indicator accompanied by a comparison of actual sales to the annual plan and periodic forecasts.

Executive dashboard

The Executive dashboard provides a full overview of the market, starting from the company’s vision and strategy to the day-to-day operating activities. It helps executives to carry out an in-depth analysis of the enterprise with details on vital metric growth opportunities and stated awareness of the company’s enhancement needs.

E-commerce analytics

E-Commerce is used to collect and analyze data on sales and transactions. It helps an online business in many ways, such as evaluating consumer needs, predicting and recommending goods to consumers, creating the best supply chain, optimizing marketing pricing of items, and forecasting inventory.

Why Select OSC as The Data Analytics Service Provider

Years of experience in delivering data center services, designing and implementing business intelligence solutions.
Traditional BI and big data projects using Microsoft Power BI.
A multi-functional team of data analytics professionals who can implement agile solutions with varying degrees of complexity.

Highlights of Data Analytics as a Services With OSC

1. No infrastructure setup and no administrative burden

To provide you with the required analytics, we:
  • Design an analytical solution with minimal cloud consumption.
  • Integrate 10 + cloud services, possibly from different cloud providers, into a single custom package.
  • Set up and develop analytics solution components (DWH, ETL / ELT, OLAP, reports, and dashboards), set up data management procedures, etc.
  • Support and manage the analytics solution.

2. Data analysis is available as soon as possible

Making time our priority, we are delivering:
  • The first online dashboard made up of a few charts and tables – in 1 day.
  • New online dashboard – 4 hours to 2 days, depending on its complexity (maybe longer if data cleaning is required).
  • Change to the existing report or dashboard – within 2-8 hours, depending on the urgency and SLA.

Get Data Analytics as services