What is a CDN ?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed database (network) system that provides a user with web pages and other web content based on the user’s geographic location, web page source, and content. This Server is effective in speeding the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and websites that have global reach. The nearer the CDN server is to the user geographically, the quicker the content will be delivered to the user .

How a CDN works ?

  • Regardless of what you do or what type of content you consume, chances are you will find CDNs behind every text character, every picture pixel and every video frame that is delivered to your PC and mobile app.
  • The website visitor’s nearest servers respond to the appeal. The content delivery network copies a website’s pages to a server network that is scattered at geographically different locations, caching the page’s content.
  • When a client requests a web page that is part of a content delivery network, the CDN can redirect the requests from the domain of the originating site to a CDN server nearest to the user and transmit the cached content.
  • In addition, CDN must interact with the originating client to provide any material not previously cached. The bouncing mechanism via CDNs is almost clear to the consumer
  • The only way a user would know if CDN has been accessed is if the delivered URL is different than the URL that has been requested.

Who Uses Content Delivery Network?

Pretty much everyone . Today, over half of all traffic is already being server by CDN’s. Those count are rapidly heading upward with each passing year.
Still, most websites tend to control on a larger scale, creating CDN usage a preferred alternative within the following sectors:


Media & Entertainment

Online Gaming




Higher Education


Why CDN is a must for faster Magento store ?

  • The number one reason to use a CDN for your Magento store is to increase the speed experience of your client because we all know that speed matters.
  • A global CDN will allow users of associated Indian origin intent to migrate static content from a more thorough supply.
  • This reduces latency and helps your Magento store to load faster.
  • CDN not only helps in building faster Magento store, but also provides the security for site crashes by distributing bandwidth across many servers, instead of allowing one server to handle all traffic.

What are the benefits of using a CDN ?

High traffic load management

Page speed enhancement

Locate protection without cost

Block Spammers, scraper and other bad bots

Secure the websites from DDoS attacks

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