Search Engine Optimization Key notes
We will start with a very obvious thing: No Website can be successful without traffic. And even though there are many ways of bringing visitors to your site, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective. There is no doubt that 80% of visitors to any given website come from a Search Engine like Google,Yahoo. 
The ultimate goal is to rank on the first page of search engine and make your eCommerce more visible to users. By Making smart choices that boost your Search Engine rating, you can help your business reach a wider audience across the country and around the world.

Website Analysis 
What is it : In computer program improvement, web site analysis is that the method that stands beneath On-Page improvement. it’s the tactic of group action your work on web selling around computer program algorithms and to attach together with your guests. it’s an improvement method during which there’s an analysis of the workings of the complete web site on computer program in an exceedingly skilled methodology.To set the strategy of SEO, the professionals undergo this method for locating out the weakness and progress of the web site. It helps the optimizers to illustrate the weaker areas of the page which can produce an obstacle in getting the superlative profit and success from the web site.

Taking back information from website analysis includes:

  • Traffic on Website
  • Visitors in a day
  • Visitors from Outside Sources
  • Arrival of New Visitors
  • Website Ranking
  • Search Engine based performance

3 Important Benefits of Website Analysis:

  • Keywords : From the Website Analysis, Professionals can find which keywords are working well for you and where is the failure of keywords It is a vital element that plays an important role in bringing traffic generation. This analysis brings the actual output of the keywords with which professionals get an idea to replace the keywords with new one or start working for the same with new strategy.
  • Traffic Mass: From the Website Analysis, Professionals can find the way of traffic mass, where they are coming and where is the failure.This enables the professionals to strengthen the practice and SEO activities to obtain quality traffic from all across the world.The traffic volume gets boost up,once the keywords starts performing.thus to improve the traffic volume, professionals focuses on their keywords and various other SEO activities. 

Web Content : Apart from Keywords and Traffic Mass, the content of the website also matters.This connects the potential visitors with the brand and the content. The quality content of the page helps the professionals to maintain the brand identity and beat their competitors. This creates strong presence on the web.

Keywords Analysis :
What is it : Keyword analysis is the method of finding and analyzing actual search terms that individuals enter into the search engines. The insight into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, similarly your larger promoting strategy. Keyword Analysis acknowledges that what topic people care about and how popular those topics actually are among your audience. Keywords that are getting a high volume of searches per month.
By researching keywords for their popularity, search volume, and general intent, you can tackle the questions that most people in your audience want answers to. The power of keyword analysis lies in higher understanding your target market and the way they’re finding out your content, services, or merchandise.
Keyword analysis provides you with specific search knowledge which will assist you to answer queries like:

  • What are people searching for?
  • How many people are searching for it?
  • In what format do they want that information?

To make yourself free from the questions raised , you need to follow process of analysing keywords :

  • Finding out the keyword :
  • Finding a comprehensive list of keywords that are applicable to your business which shows that the searcher may be interested in your content.
  • It is important to construct your initial “seed word” list by using your analytics data, competitor insight, PPC data, internal search data, historical data and google search data form your client
  • Expanding the List : 
  • There is an addition of new keywords to your current keywords list and search campaigns, so that you rank for additional keywords and pull in additional traffic.
  • Keywords are the pillars of your search marketing efforts, and an inactive keyword list will directly affect the business.

For Increasing the search traffic, you need to follow this lesser used directions to expand the keywords list.

  • Finding out semantically related keywords : 

Not every business owner go for semantically related keywords, it expands the search visibility and wider audience.There are 4 ways to find out semantic keywords

  • Use of Google instance
  • Result on “Searches related to”
  • Bold words in SERP results
  • Keyword research tools
  • Targeting on branded keywords of your Competitors :

Each day, customers search for your competitor’s brand and goods online. They type their brand or product name into the search box, wanting to learn a lot of regarding them or perhaps purchase their product. 

  • Hot topics and Trending words

Finally, you may additionally target wide mentioned topics in your trade to seek out relevant keyword with less competition to drive additional traffic.Traffic gets excited about new topics ,ideas and trends, by which they may expense quality time for searching information on those topics.

  • Setting the priority :
  • It is very important to prioritize your keyword, and select the highlighted keywords which you will be targeting with your campaign. 
  • Different business mind end up with different no. of priority keywords.Somewith 100 and some with 50.It is totally depend upon the deriving revenue, So priority keywords should reflect words that have the highest Liability.
  • The second most important thing to fix in mind that, the selection of the words should be competitive within the industry your are placed yourself in.
  • Keywords Category :
  • You should categorise your keywords into segment specific for increasing the business range.If you are defined with the priority of keywords for your campaign.

This allows for additional granular news and understanding of performance.

  • There should be a categorization between brand and non-brand whereas additional categories may include product type, sub brands, business group, keyword based or keywords for a specific business goal.
  • Categorization makes it easier for individuals among your team to understand the meaningful impact level that SEO is having.
  • Preference Of Landing Pages: 
  • Once you’ve got your keywords outlined during this manner you’ll be able to begin mapping the priority keywords to specific pages that they’re most relevant to. These pages are going to be the first target of your improvement activities for your priority keywords.
  • You may realize as you start to do the on-page improvement for your most popular landing pages that a selected page is also relevant to only 1 or 2 priority keywords.
  • This is wherever you’ll be able to use the extra keywords from the keyword universe that weren’t selected as priority words to reinforce your optimisation efforts and target a wider array of long tail permutations.
  • Having a priority list of keywords makes it easier to create selections on wherever to pay resources, which keywords to visualize rankings for, which keywords to rank for link text, and that keywords to report on for executives that don’t need to do to grasp performance against no. of keywords.
  • Refining keywords LIst With Time: 
  • PPC data and Analytics data these 2 are the most important points to identify new keywords phrases that stands as the new opportunities for your business. 
  • This is specifically new brands and sub brands as well as keywords that are directed by seasonal behavior.

Business Analysis:
What is it : The main purpose of this analysis is creating a solid foundation in an organization processes. As it allows the business to evaluate the current state and opportunities for improvement. It is the discipline of recognizing business needs and finding solutions to various business problems. Analysis of the topics helps the business to understand the organization’s structure, policies, and operations. It is about the organization how it functions to fulfill its purpose. It is important to understand how the organizational goals connect to specific objectives.
There are few points which directly proportional to Business Analysis

Business Information Gathering : 

There are ten essential demand gathering techniques that you simply should bear in mind so as to manage the projects in a much higher manner and run your business with success are:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Document analysis
  3. Focus Group
  4. Interface analysis
  5. Interview
  6. Observation
  7. Prototyping
  8. Requirements Workshop
  9. Reverse Engineering
  10. Survey

Identify Major Competitors:

Competitive analysis is the backbone of a powerful promoting strategy. After all, if you can’t establish your competitors and their promoting ways, you’ll struggle to differentiate yourself and your product from the audience.

There are 2 types of competitors

  • Direct Competitors : Your direct competitors are companies or publishers who sell or market the same products as your business.A few effective method for identifying direct competitors
  • Market Research
  • Solicit Customer Feedback
  • Check Online Communities on Social Media or Community forums
  • Indirect Competitors :Your indirect competitors are those companies or publishers that don’t sell or market the same products, but are in competition with your business digitally. How to discover indirect competitors ?
  • Keyword Research
  • Analyzing Google’s Search Engine Results Page
  • Take a look at paid data
  1. Analyze Current Traffic : If your guessing …..How much traffic your

           Competitors gets, There are three ways to analyze current traffic,

  • Use a traffic estimation tool :

There are 2 types of traffic estimation tools:

  • Tools that estimate total traffic :

Visitors on your website can arrive from different places , forums, search engines, social media etc. this tool provide the total no. of traffic from all sources.

  • Tools that estimate only organic traffic :There are some websites with a good chunk of their traffic from search  engines for Eg. Google , this is called “Organic Traffic”
  • Look for an “Advertise with us” page : You will receive so many “ I’am interested in advertising on your site; how much traffic does it get ?” . If you find any “ advertise with us” page with traffic stats, please check if they are updated or not.

Ask Directly: If you wish to grasp correct, up-to-date traffic statistics for a website, you’ll got to get in contact with the owner and raise the question directly about the traffic.

Keyword Strategy :
If you are coming up on revamping your website or SEO strategy, the primary issue you must be doing is conducting keyword analysis. If you strategically place relevant keywords on your website. There is a decent probability that you’ll get high-quality traffic. 
For that matter , it is important that you know …What Keywords to include on your site a to do thorough research to word you think could trigger your score higher on search results.Keyword research is a strategy used by SEO experts to find alternative search terms people are entering into the search engines while looking for a specific subject. They then collect those keywords and create a strategy to achieve better rankings on the search engines.
Basic Terms for Keyword Strategy :
Use Keyword Planner,
Real keyword analysis can not be done properly while not a keyword planner tool. Keyword planner tool is here to assist you to discover fully new ideas and words that users use to search out what they’re searching for, which perhaps didn’t occur to you. It offers you the choice to create a listing for each cluster of comparable keywords that you simply may split by classes on your store. Statistics like search volume of a particular keyword may assist you to decide what keywords you may use on your website on the precise page.

Make a List of Keywords :

As mentioned earlier, once seeing many words listed on your keywords planner tool when looking for queries you think that would your future customer’s search, no need to worry, preferably be wise and create an inventory that may contain similar search items and create it simple to manage your future strategy.

Search Volume:

Search volume is the number of searches that are shown for a specific keyword within a certain period of time. It would be ideal if you could look for the keywords with the highest search volume because it means more potential traffic and conversions on your eCommerce store.

Competition :

May be the most important segment of keyword strategy is keyword competition. It measures how difficult it will be to rank for a specific keyword on search engines. It depends on how popular is the search term or the industry that is related to the search term. It would be ideal if your keywords have high search volume and low competition, but those kind of  keywords are very difficult to find and require a lot of work that will certainly pay off, so when you see a ton of keywords when making a plan, don’t panic, be smart and start making a list.

Google PageRank :
For a business analysis , your website must have a proper marketing strategy. Google page ranking is to calculate the score of the page’s credibility and authority. 
Here are some points which need to be noted if you plan to rank high with Google Page rank.

  • If Google thinks your website is very important, your page rank are going to be above a less significant website. however what really makes an internet site vital, or a minimum of what will Google see in an “important website”. a number of factors play into your Page Rank.
  • The incoming links are very important , as the page rank is directly proportional to the  linking of the websites to your site. Do Google notice your website as the important one….?
  • You should not link to the website that don’t have anything to offer.You should be very careful while building links to your website, as you can flagged as “spammer “ when creating a link from websites which is not relevant to your site .
  • If the websites link have a page ranking Zero, then it will not help to boost your page. For linking your website , you require high ranking website.
  • Some of the ranking factors that can relate the website’s content, technical implementation,user signals, backlink profile etc. that the search engine considers relevant. Understanding ranking factor is the most effective search engine optimization .

Competitor Analysis :


Since you’re an online business, your market is the Internet and anyone with access to it is your existing or potential future customers. If there’s a company in the same market, offering a product or a service similar to yours – they are your competitors.They share your goals and fight for the same thing you are, so to compete with them successfully, you should research their goals, strategies, strengths and weaknesses to find gaps and opportunities you can exploit.

Once you’ve listed your competition, it’s time to research every one of them by gathering qualitative and quantitative data. You have to maintain the data of the competitors, have to be their customer by registering a new account.This way you can share login information with the rest of your team so not everyone needs to register just to see how something looks or works.

By doing this you can find the gaps in their strategies and look for strategic opportunities for you to exploit. 

Reorder you competitors to logical subgroups – are they exclusive to a single problem solution or aggregate different solutions for multiple problems? Do they operate in horizontal or vertical markets? What business models do they use? Make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges!!!! The goal of of competitors analysis is to understand:

  • With which competitors to compete
  • How competitors might react to a firm’s actions
  • Competitors strategies and planned actions
  • How to influence competitors behavior to the firm’s own advantage

The Action Required

Once you have an overview of your competition, you’ll hopefully discover competitor’s gaps and opportunities in the marketplace for you to take a strategic advantage.

On Site/ Off Site optimization :
Search engine comes in two flavours : Onsite and offsite.
Onsite Optimization : This involves the optimization of website pages, titles, tags , content and overall structure for your target keywords. 

  • After knowing the keywords, you start applying your keywords research to your SEO.It is very straightforward method. 
  • After the identification of the most relevant keywords for every page of your website as well as the weighted search volume vs. competition. In such case it is time to start crafting your content around those keywords.
  • You have to make sure that you simply are using the keywords suitably all throughout the copy on your web site.It’s conjointly necessary to use those keywords in the headlines and titles on every one of those pages
  • Don’t forget to use your target keywords within the meta tags, meta descriptions, image tags and actual URLs for those pages.
  • Once the initial onsite SEO work is completed, there’s little or no you can do to optimize your website on the far side revisiting and adjusting your keyword strategy on a daily basis. In the meantime, you’ve got to sit back and watch for Google, Yahoo and Bing to index your web site. you’ll be able to proactively push a web sitemap to Google and request categorization (which we tend to do for our clients) however reindexing might take up to three months.
  • The second way to make the ranking upto the mark by adding more pages to your site. Where blogging plays a very important role.
  • You will new blog on your website , within a week or 2  by doing this you are giving new indexable and searchable page to your website

Let’s now see why On-Page SEO is 100% perfect & beneficial

Benefit 1 : Local Results
If you’re looking for the best Result, On-page SEO is the best factor. By implementing SEO features  like location in the title of our landing page, google map, rich snippets, GEO locations, etc gives a high local results .
Benefit 2 : Cheap and Powerful Marketing
With the help of page Structure, you can highlight your website in Google organic results in the most inexpensive way. With raising the clerity in Keywords, you can increase the page rank.
Benefit 3 :Permanent Value
Permanent SEO value is an asset we get because of On site – Optimization .
Benefit 4: Time saving.
It is easy to control and save time as we look to add value to our website. There is no any external form required.
Benefit 5: Page Speed
For the perfect SEO Optimization , the primary requirement is high page speed. It PSeed up the high conversion rate which leads to higher rankings.
Benefit 6 : Uniqueness 
Here, there is an essence of Uniqueness on your website with the use of On site- Optimization. 
Off Site – Optimization :
Off Site Optimization : This method is a little trickier and requires onsite effort. It requires an outside actions  for the ranking impact within Search Engine Results.
Improving Off – Site Optimization involved in improving search engines and user perception of a site’s quality . This happens by getting links from the site, mention of your brand and content. 
Backlinks is the heart of Off Site optimization. Its an indication of the linked-to content’s quality. It’s Obvious that higher backlinks will usually rank better than a few backlinks.
For accumulating positive signals and your brand interactions, with the hope of being a net positive. It’s important to think on links when making off- Page optimization 
Provide priority to the host of factors, which leads to Off- Page SEO. for Brand boosting.
But this factor is not enough for creating excellent , worthwhile service and product.
Capturing positive reviews and responding to negative reviews , while monitoring brand, to name a few.
As, our goal is to create a post that’s accessible, interesting and immediately useful . This will shoot by the 3 points ,

  • Brand : Creating best product and service – Focus on Web searches ‘ intent.
  • Audience : Should have a responsive social media presence – Forums , discussion boards, Comment Blogging – Build connections with online influencers – Quit guest blogging for links.
  • Content : Experiments with content types.

Let’s now see why Off- Site SEO is 100% perfect & beneficial
Benefit 1: Ranking Factors:
Off site – Optimization involve improving search engine from the user perception of Site’s popularity, relvane, trustworthiness and authority. 
Benefit 2: Improves Ranking position 
It helps in improving your search ranking position, Which includes,

Benefit 3: Increase your website Exposure :
By using Off-site Optimization , it increases the page ranking which directly increase the SERP Rankings. Helps in increasing Exposure of your Page.

Reporting :
For any digital Agency , A quality SEO reporting tool is necessary. 
In addition a good SEO reporting tool will give you the information you need to raise the action items .
There are 100 of SEO reporting tools on the market , each with its own benefits and drawbacks.
What to look for an SEO reporting Tools …..
How you can choose the right reporting tool for your agency ?
Here are the essential requirements of Reporting Tools:
Accurate and Current Regional data :  It’s all about data, it’s important that the software should access accurate and current data localized.
You can make informed decisions about where your clients stands against the competition with the help of reliable data.
Integration with third party tools : For Full Scale digital Marketing Campaign ,it is essential to report on all KPIs in one place.
Scalability :  You don’t have to re-expense in new software each time reaches a new tier. The right SEO will work for you as well whether you have one client or 200.
Improving and Updating Features :  Its essential to integrate new features In the transition from Website optimization to Web presence Optimization.
Ability to Customize Reports : Every client is having different  KPIs, objectives, and priorities. Yor reporting tool should be able to emphasize the right data at the right times.
Client Integration : A good tool always keep the client in mind.It should allow the client to dig into the data at a deeper level.
Cost to Value Ratio : It is entirely possible to get better results out of a free reporting tool, With a proper process, time investment, and leveraging support resources.The final thing you wish could be a news software system that causes hesitation in increasing your workers or consumer base because of the associated price.
Automation : With the power to automatically send reports on a revenant basis, you’ll be able to save time and cash and dedicate those resources elsewhere.
Ease of Use : The ability to quickly get new users up to speed is important, whether they are clients or staff.
A great SEO reporting tool should include

  • Position tracking.
  • Backlink monitoring.
  • Competitor data.
  • Analytics.