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How can we manage Customer Configuration in Magento ?

August 29th, 2014|

Customer Configuration is helpful to manage the whole information regarding customer account. That is setting related to apply new customer account confirmation, Email template setting, Checkout, Customer Registration Process. Setting of Customer Configuration: Step 1. Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Customers -> [...]

Order Management In Magento

August 26th, 2014|

Here, we are going to discuss about how to manage order in Magento. You can View, Edit and Manage orders from Admin in Magento. Also you can create Invoice, Shipping, Credit Memo per order, Print Invoices, receive email notification etc. Order is place from front [...]

How To Manage Inventory In Magento ?

August 23rd, 2014|

Here we discuss how to manage Inventory in Magento. Magento strongly support to create and manage inventory for product. It helps to maintain the products stock related functions. Magento manage Inventory on the basis of two level: Store Level Product Level 1. Store Level Inventory: [...]

Catalog Management In Magento

August 22nd, 2014|

Catalog management is used to display setting, where you want to present your product. Step1. Setting of Catalog: Admin ->System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> CatalogStep 2. Complete Frontend SettingList Mode: Select option from dropdown that is, Grid Only: In this setting product will display [...]