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Osc MageAdmin Mobile App

Feb 18th, 2015|

Description: When you are running a online store, It is difficult to monitor your online store all the time. So here is the simple way to track your online store, OSC MageAdmin Mobile App. It allows you to monitor your store remotely. It is one [...]

Store Locator Extension For OpenCart

Sep 17th, 2014|

Description: OpenCart Store Locator Extension allows you to display unlimited store locations on G- Maps. User can able to search nearest stores by address or zip. It also find store within the radius to limit the search distance. It will display search result with distance [...]

How to use Store Email Address and Sales Emails in Magento

Sep 2nd, 2014|

Store Email address used in business to sent a various messages such as Welcome message, Order Confirmation message, Email Confirmation message, etc. Magento have some Store Email Address By default. General Contact Sales Representative Customer Support Custom Email 1 Custom Email 2 1. You can [...]

How can we manage Customer Configuration in Magento ?

Aug 29th, 2014|

Customer Configuration is helpful to manage the whole information regarding customer account. That is setting related to apply new customer account confirmation, Email template setting, Checkout, Customer Registration Process. Setting of Customer Configuration: Step 1. Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Customers -> [...]