18 Tips to secure your WordPress site

Having a website and driving business online seems to be a pretty simple but managing security of your WordPress website is tricky and essential. As per sucuri 90% of CMS websites hacked in 2018 were WordPress sites. Security is like securing your property from thieves to get all stolen your sensitive data. Securing WordPress site [...]

Keep Your Magento Secure

1] Use a secure and strong password password Magento is the Most Powerful and Secure Framework in eCommerce. But there are certain tips that you can follow in order to make sure your Magento store is safe and sound. When you are select your Magento site password, select cleverly. Depending on your configurations and permissions, [...]

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How to secure osCommerce and CRE Loaded site ?

To prevent site hacking you need to install the following contribution. 1] Site Monitor 2] Security pro 3] Ip trap 4] .htaccess Protection 5] Anti XSS 6] Register Globals patches 7] Check permissions 8] Admin access level 9] Captcha for create account & reviews & contactus 10] .htaccess Protection  For images Directory 11] Stop spamming. [...]

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