What are the product attributes?
An product attribute is defined as any property of a product. This includes product related data… everything! You also do not require any columns to your database. Its all automatically managed by attribute manager. You have to just add or create the attribute from the admin and you can start adding data for Magento products using this custom or new attribute.
Types of Magento Product Attributes (System and Custom)There are two types of Magento Product Attributes.

  • System Attributes
  • Custom Attributes

System Attributes: By default, Magento includes all the necessary System Attributes.

Following are the system attributes:

System Attributes How to call system attribute in phtml file?
 country_of_manufacture  $_product->getCountryOfManufacture();
 custom_design  $_product->getCustomDesign();
 custom_design_from  $_product->getCustomDesignFrom();
 custom_design_to  $_product->getCustomDesignTo();
 custom_layout_update  $_product->getCustomLayoutUpdate();
 description  $_product->getDescription();
 enable_googlecheckout  $_product->getAttributeText(“enable_googlecheckout”);
 gift_message_available  $_product->getAttributeText(“gift_message_available”);
 group_price  $_product->getGroupPrice();
 image  $_product->getImage();
 is_recurring  $_product->getAttributeText(“is_recurring”);
 meta_description  $_product->getMetaDescription();
 meta_keyword  $_product->getMetaKeyword();
 meta_title  $_product->getMetaTitle();
 msrp  $_product->getMsrp();
 msrp_display_actual_price_type  $_product->getAttributeText(“msrp_display_actual_price_type”);
 msrp_enabled  $_product->getAttributeText(“msrp_enabled”);

Custom Attributes: Custom attributes are those attributes which is created by the user that is called user-defined attributes.

How to create custom product attributes and product attribute set?

  • A) How to create new attribute?

    Go to Admin Catalog → Attributes → Manage Attributes

    • Click on Add New Attribute
    • Set Attribute Code and Manage label
    • After that, Click on Save Attribute
  • B) How to create new product attribute set?

    Go to Admin Catalog → Manage Attribute Set

    • Click on Add New Set
    • Add name and Click on Add Attribute Set
  • C) How to assign new attribute to any attribute set?
    • 1] Suppose, We assign new attribute to Shoes attribute set
    • 2] Then edit Shoes Attribute set and Our new attribute present in unassigned
    • 3] Attribute’s list Drag and Drop in Groups After that, click on Save Attribute set

How to get custom attribute value

[As per type (eg date, price, Yes/No, dropdown)]?

  • For Date field:
    eg: arribute code = date_attribute$_dateValue = $_product->getDateAttribute();
    echo $_dateValue;
  • For Price field:
    eg: arribute code = price_attribute$_priceValue = $_product->getPriceAttribute();
    echo $_priceValue;
  • For Yes/No field:
    eg: arribute code = yesno_attribute$_yesNoValue = $_product->getAttributeText(yesno_attribute);
    echo $_yesNoValue;
  • For Dropdown field:
    eg: arribute code = dropdown_attribute$_dropDown = $_product->getAttributeText(dropdown_attribute);
    echo $_dropDown;