Any entity that prefers to go on a long journey in their business can never neglect the mobile market and its passionate users. With Magento mobile you cater to the needs of the mobile population that is faster in making purchasing decisions than the rest of the populace. With a better understanding about the growing demand and market for mobile users and mobile applications, extended the reach of Magento e-Commerce to Magento mobile. A mobile version of your e-commerce website absolutely with the comfort of your favorite e-Commerce portal which is none other than the magnificent Magento.

A single installation of Magento mobile is more than enough to kick start your incredible presence in the cutthroat world of mobiles. Whatever business you may own or whoever may be your targeted customers, many users  of mobile will impart to a sizable percentage of your total target audience. With Magento mobile, you can easily manage multiple devices such as iPad, Android, iPhone with some efforts.

Analyst publishes Info graphics on the rising system and motivates the bread-eyed investors to captivate the mobile commerce industry for maximum revenue. The assumed threat over mobile shopping cart abated and the Smart-phone users now enjoy shopping via their internet phones. The infiltration of mobile internet in the e-commerce industry is changing the shopping culture. The m-commerce breeze is now taking the world by storm. If your e-commerce store is developed on Magento – the market leader in e-commerce platforms, Mob e-commerce is the best solution.

After going mobile, your smart shoppers will be provided a completely user-friendly shopping cart which allows adding or removing product from themagento shopping cartquite easily, modify the amount of added commodities, before checkout view total , delete any items from the cart, etc. Your target customers can install them for once and start enjoying the app happiness. The native app when integrated with your magento shop and deployed in the respective stores enables you to give your mobile customers a native app of your store. Your consumers get to shop from your mobilized web store with the secured shopping cart, browsing capabilities and secured payment process all modified and facility as per the small screen.

Mob e-commerce nails down your need of bringing your magento store to the iPhones and Android mobiles at ease. Inferring to the smart phone impact on the internet stores, and we can’t avoid the magento mobile commerce. These people buy their favorite products anywhere and anytime at the convenience of their mobile at hand. The app enables you to deliver a mobile optimized store for your consumers who uses the mobile commerce, permitting them to shop from the magento store via their web powered phones at anytime from anywhere.

Magento -mobile admin enables you bring the functional powerhouse of Magento e-commerce to your mobile commerce channel. Magento Mobile is fast becoming very popular in the area of e-commerce software applications – thanks to the host of features that have been put into it. Multi language and multi currency support are other additives to the features list. The mobile commerce solution gives room to explore the vantage of social networking with news letter subscription,email share, facebook share.

Hire Magento Developer to avail the benefit of Mobile Commerce. One needs to pay for the online maintenance as well as set up, and the System of Magento will made as a customized application. Using Magento Mobile, one can easily get a native application for an internet store.  Magento Mobile extensions are now available for giving unparalleled shopping experience to consumers via mobile phones.
Magento mobile for e-Commerce has become representative for the following reasons:

Allows customization:

If you are already using Magento for your e-Commerce website then here comes the good news that Magento provides the same flexibility to customize your mobile website. If you are new to the Magento world, Magento allows complete customization. Employing the analogous features that are specific to devices is just a matter of few clicks with Magento mobile. You can make use of the recognized themes easily available, alter the existing themes according to the requirements of your business or create a new one with your ingenuity.

Manages multiple devices:

With Magento  mobile, you do not need to create  a separate e-Commerce website for mobile operations  but it is enough if you get a mobile version of your existing website.  Magento has extended its operations to mobile to the most preferred platforms like Android.

Attracts and engages the customers:

With its appealing themes, cost-effective methods and standard designs, it encourages the online merchants to present the out-and-out experience to their mobile customers without imposing high costs for maintenance.  Attracting the attention of your users and making them to get involved in your e-Commerce website is the first step to increase the rate of conversion.

Thousands of colors and themes:

Magento has thousands of themes and colors for harmonizing the ultimate needs of the business owners and their end users. Colors are undeniably close to our hearts and humans have a naturally tendency to stick to it. Also you can change the themes and colors of your mobile e-Commerce website without changing the actual content and style.  Magento mobile has a unique design tab with numerous colors making their presence on the attractive color palette.

Seamless storefront integration:

Your mobile e-Commerce store is fully integrated with the store catalog, payment process, reporting, stock list, checkout and various other things. Magento takes care of the current maintenance of your applications in  iTunes store, the Android marketplace.  The Control panel of Magento mobile offers you the full-fledged channel for mobile commerce with its picture perfect storefront integration.

Our magento developers have years of experience in magento developers as well as Magento e-commerce Development. Magento mobile facilitates traders to craft indigenous and acknowledged storefront applications easily and all your apps are integrated with Magento e-Commerce and is also compatible with the previous versions of Magento including the Professional Edition 1.8, Enterprise Edition 1.6+ and Community Edition 1.3+. As we also offer professional magento mobile, we also guaranteed the unique, reliable solutions for your e-store.