The magento extension of slider assists the store owners to display their featured commodities on their home page. The magento extension of slider give you some amazing attributes it is easy to set up you can put in on any Content Management System page or template. Commodities will slide either horizontally or vertically. You can control the slide vertical or horizontal through control panel and select between vertical slides or horizontal slides. All you have to do is set the values once and rest will be done by the extension itself. Extension of slider totally free you can fixed your desire setting through admin panel fixed the velocity, at the bottom hide the buttons plainly the best magento extension. It hardly requires any technical knowledge. You can also upload icons as well as nexus those to a desired page in the slider by utilizing this extension, rather than just showing the actual eye-catching products.

The magento extension of slider comes in contrasting variables. There is an auto mode, which can be turned on and off. You can place content of your choice in the panels such as images, text,videos and links. You can specify how many panels there will be and how long the slider will display a panel before sliding to the next one. Handy navigation, goes to the next, previous, as well as to a special panel, stops the auto mode, play in auto mode. The slider can be used in template files, as well as in Content Management System page.

Here are some superb attributes of this magento extension of slider:

  • Compatible with all the modern browsers
  • Ability to show caption to the slide show images
  • Switch ON/OFF Slide Numbers
  • Switch ON/OFF Navigation
  • Switch ON/OFF Captions.
  • Ability to Show thumbs or captions
  • Ability to link the images
  • Unlimited Images
  • Inbuilt 30 Animation Styles
  • Unlimited Image Upload
  • Image Upload/delete/update from admin.
  • Random Images Option.
  • All Browser Slide show Support
  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone.

Order CVS Module Of Magento Cart:

Many Magento extensions offer customization of the same. The Magento development community has been steadily coming up with new Magento extensions. We take pride in the fact that we rely on proven development methodologies and put quality and customer satisfaction first, more than anything else. It is needless to say that these extensions are vital support systems for the web stores which are based on the Magento e-commerce platform. Our commitment to technology and our obsession with quality have been the cardinal reasons for our success. With such abundant extensions and computer circuit accessible, it is genuinely not amazing that Magento has inverted to be the most popular and much in demand e-commerce platform globally.

Here one can convert each order placed by customers as CSV or XML files. ECSSO has been a major Magento community partner in Magento Development and has contributed significantly to the development and deployment of new exciting extensions. One of the latest Magento extensions released is the Magento Order CSV module. These files can be customized and exported to the accounting software for control of inventory. Latest technology platforms and tools for Magento Development and hence our products stand the test of time. Experienced and talented Magento developers, designers and programming professionals who stand by quality and client satisfaction.

The benefits and important attributes of Order CSV Module of the Magento shopping cart are as under:

  • Easy to install
  • Can customize CSV or XML file format
  • Utilize XML file or CSV file as input signal to any other Accounting software or Inventory software
  • Send this XML file or CSV file to specific email address
  • Make all order as XML file or CSV file after the customer place an order

Integration of this extension has changed the way of functioning of your online store, enabling complaint-free consumer management as well as enabling easy and simple order management capability. These key features make the extension most sought after and downloads of this particular extension have far exceeded even the wildest expectations.