It is not an easy to select the best platform for creating an online business website. As there are various open source carts which promise an easy and prosperous journey towards success. Magento cart is latest program for development in ecommerce. It is quite user friendly. From the point of view of developers, customization in it is simple. However, Magento developers are not the site owners, they do not run the actual business on Magento cart. To build and launch the online business site, is their ultimate aim. As looking from this aspect, there is nothing which cannot succeed with Magento.

For running an e-commerce business, you need to display your product categories also. For this purpose magento cart offers you these product types.
• Simple Product
• Configurable Product
• Down loadable Product
• Bundled Product
• Virtual Product

Simple product are those products which can be sold as one unit. A simple product is the most fundamental product type – it is what all other product types are based on. Generally, it has a configuration such as, single size which can fit for each products. A Simple product is a physical component part with a single Stock Keeping Unit(SKU). They represent the products that you actually ship (items that are accounted for with Stock Keeping Units. Simple products can be used in association with Grouped, Bundle, and Configurable Products. A separate simple product would be our Medium size Orange particular branded Shirt – we keep a separate count of the inventory of these. Simple products have a variety of input controls and a variety of pricing, hence, it is possible to sell many variations of identical product. What’s more, if we decide to sell particular branded shirts with particular branded pants, we might want to sell these separate simple products together in a bundle.

Magento’s configurable products are great. A configurable product appears to be a single product with lists of options for each modification. If you are just selecting sizes, colors, or simple options on which the price does not change, or it changes in quite a little amount, then configurable products are impressive. Each alternative represents an isolated commodity, simple product with a distinct Stock Keeping Unit, with the help of this you can lead a stock list for each variation. Like, single product having various colors, various size. The configurable products can really stink if there are significant price differences. So, let your customers to make selection between different types of product they desire by selecting derivatives. Single product having number of colors, variety in size, Shoes,T Shirts, Bags, etc are good example with this type.

Magento provides several built-in product types that allow you to accommodate many of the most common products a merchant would sell without much customization. . Complex products help you apply these business rules to your products so that your Magento store is neat and orderly. All products have attributes. Magento lets you define general product attributes as well as custom attributes. These can be common across all goods, such as price, or limited to certain types of products, like amount of memory or size, color. It works great if the store were to sell a pair of khakis, choices are available for the customer to select the style, the color,the size, etc. Unlimited product options means that the store administrator can associate a product with a potentially unlimited number of option groups and attributes.

Attribute sets group attributes together so they can be used across products. An attribute is the group of questions like who ?, what? , where?, when?, why?, used to set forth a product. Generally, an attribute set will group all the attributes which will be utilized for a type of product. Types of attributes used across men’s shirts will likely be the same– but will be different from the attributes used for jewelry or electronics. After creating the attributes, group them into an attribute set. Use the appropriate shared attributes for the simple product that represent the different SKUs. It’s important to understand that these are the components of a product. Create the SKUs and add them to the parent product. Simple products can be as complex as your business rules need them to be.

Though virtual products do not have any physical creation. They symbolize something which can be sold. This does not exist in its physical of digital form. For eg. a warranty, a subscription, a service, etc. There are many e-commerce applications that support unlimited product options. The various option groups and attributes are not products available elsewhere in the store. Virtual products can be used with Bundle and Grouped products. Complex products help you apply these business rules to your products so that your Magento store is neat and orderly.

Product options are Not removed products, rather attributes of a convinced product. The customer can have access to more information on each selectable option. Individual items on the configuration page might be out of stock. The price of a selectable item within a product configuration can be updated across all configurable products to which the item has been allotted, from 1 location.

Down loadable products are same as virtual products. There are a lot of factors to consider when selling digital files. If you’re selling a large number of products and/or large files it will only make your decision process more complicated and pricey. You’ll need an effective setup for instant delivery. You can either host the files on your own or go with a provider that will host the files for you. There are choices to be made between a flat pricing structure or per transaction fees. You will also have to decide what features are important for you, like being able to offer coupon codes and managing an affiliate program.

Simple products can be as complex as your business rules need them to be. You will then be able to use the appropriate shared attributes for the simple product that represent the different SKUs. Attribute sets can make your life easier and logical categories will create a more usable shopping experience for your customer.