Magento and OsCommerce
Magento and OsCommerce both allows store owners to maintain their online stores with minimum effort. OsCommerce is a free open source online store-management software which is powered by very well established and responsive OsCommerce community. Magento & OsCommerce are e-commerce open-source shopping cart applications and both are packed with all the features needed to create a successful web store. To run any OsCommerce website the web server should support the powerful PHP web scripting language and fast MySQL database. Magento is a highly efficient open source e-commerce platform.  OsCommerce offers a wide range of features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease. It offers you an extensive suite of powerful tools for creating and managing an online store.

Support forMagento shopping cart is provided free by an active open source community, professional assistance is charging price. The large arrangement of the quality features is one of the essential benefits of Magento cart.  Magento runs on the Apache/MySQL/PHP platform and to create an online store with it you need reliable web hosting services. Magento comes with enterprise-level features and quality of build.

Magento has many add-on modules within the rest of new and important capabilities.  Magento needs dedicated servers from particular hosting providers in order to run fast shops while shared web hosting account will be enough for OsCommerce. The feature set for Magento includes not only all of the features of OsCommerce, but also many of the add-on modules. Magento shopping cart is built to be easy to update. Its back end is well organized and most items of concern are thoroughly covered.

Magento is a new solution which is regularly improved. OsCommerce is rather old and it doesn’t surprise its owners with new updates. Web developers and store owners look forward the new releases of Magento. Talking about OsCommerce, some people admit that its code is a real mess and the back-end is really pitiful.  Magento offers well organized back end along with cleaner site structure. Magento runs fairly slow, heavily layered and overly complicated coding style and thousands of files requires a lot of time to learn and do customizations.

These two e-commerce applications to see which one is better for your stores, as it is essential to know while selecting the shopping cart for your store and which features you required for your online store.  Magento offers complete control and flexibility over the content and appearance of an internet store. Hence, Magento shopping carts can be custom-made as per requirements of your e-commerce business.

Magento Themes and Template

The features that make Magento stand part when it comes to e-commerce Solutions. The unique features and attractive design proves to be highly appealing to consumer. This offers you extremely custom-made design with greate templates. Magento provides the best themes and templates which help in enhancing the traffic on the websites. Magento Extensions offers immense flexibility to the customers and provides quick access to information that they require.

cross Browser Compatibility

Additionally, it is compatible with major mobile platforms that include iPhone, Android, iPad,  Symbian, Windows and Blackberry devices. Magento is fully compatible with all versions of internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. This makes it widely accessible and it is sure to enhance the traffic and bring in more sales.

SEO Friendly Websites

This in turn helps to increase the traffic volume to the website and thereby increase sales. Magento helps to create a websites which is Search Engine Friendly. This will assist in upgrading the ranking of your website as also will offers better performance in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Marketing Factors

The pricing rules help to create wide range of promotions that is sure to increase the rate of conversion. Magento offers creative promotional ideas. Powerful marketing instruments such as up sell, cross sell which bring in more traffic towards your website.

ROI Factors

Magento is superior in its quality and at the same time it is a cost-effective method. Per month pay, this sources falls costly as the total monthly charges increase. As Magento is open source, it promises to deliver the best service at reduced prices. It is efficient as equivalence to other paid methods.

Control Factors

This provides increased freedom to the store owner to share whatever information needs to be revealed to buyers. Magento makes it possible to control and manage multiple online stores from a one control Panel. Magento assists multiple currencies and multiple languages. It also provides web services API. This gives broader availability to the Magento based online site.  These facilities make Magento the best shopping cart solution that promises increased sales.

Specific benefits of Magento e-commerce are as follows:

Extensions through Magento modules:Magento has a number of free and paid extensions that can perform several tasks like providing live chat, earning points for consumers and  running a newsletter service, customer support, adding links to Facebook and many more.

Customized layout: The .PHTML that holds the header construction of page, can also be tuned so that all e-commerce business persons can personalize the look as well as feel for their site. The layout for Magento can be customized by modifying the CSS.
Multi-store and multi-websites functionality:Multiple websites can be managed from Magento Commerce and you can create multiple stores in Magento.

Shipping methods which are Pre-selected as well as default cost:The shipping method and default payments can be set for Magento on a prior basis which, in turn, saves your final payment time.

Magento’s Dynamic User Interface:The whole calculation happens in background such that customer can see the final result without energizing the page. An advanced AJAX user interface in Magento Content Management System which mechanically updates billing and transportation.

Up-sell as well as cross-sell:This computer component helps in cross-selling before selling single product. During the final checkout on products, other selling products can also be located on Magento shopping cart.

Layered transportation: With the help of this feature, customers can filter their search. The layered transportation attribute helps consumers to narrow down the search issues.