Magento has literally thousands of templates and it can be a little daunting finding one for your site. One of the best ways to implement any cart is to select a template that is close to what you want your online site to express equal, and then use a professed magento designer to tailor it to your unique needs. We have been using Magento shopping cart, and refresh the design for one of our sites. What difficulties can arise in using a template having had experience with my existing sites. Being an experienced Magento user, We have a good idea of what to look for under the hood. So far, despite days of research, We have found nothing that ticks all the boxes. So We have drawn up a list of points to look out for. But it will have to be a compromise decision.

The Home page of Magento Shopping Cart can display

=>Basic About us page or terms and conditions page etc.

=>Category page with a list of products

=>Product detail page

=>List of products page or Search result page
How complex the navigation needs to be to properly categorize in your range. The first is personal judgment, the second depends in part in what you are marketing. Now as per our opinion the design has to Be optimized for Search Engine Optimization. It has to be designed for ease of conversion as well as  navigation. The design must Look professed and suitable with what you are marketing. Be upgradeable when you upgrade Magento Shopping Cart.

Bearing all these things in mind, the points to be considered are:

Search Engine Optimization.
There are many points to express as well as consider for and we have yet to find any theme or  template which covers them all. Magento Cart can add many more pages to the business website with necessary added attributes. Magento Cart has many essential property with which it can handle as well as control your business website in good order manner. The Business websites based on Magento Cart has common activity like, payment gateway integration, user-friendly interface, category integration, product details,etc. Magento cart is simply as good as the content as also it is said to be great for SEO. This is a big one. A good template must help with this to properly present the content. In comparison to various other shopping carts, Magento is more easier as also most user-friendly shopping cart, because it permits  users to add singular commodity in their shopping cart and make plain mode of payment with single checkout process.

Any theme you pick should be available on these versions. What support does the supplier offer? Do they offer any kind of guarantee that they will allow you to download any future versions of that theme when Magento is upgraded. Do they just offer 3-6 months of support and upgrades? This would help any upgrade. Your web designer should be able to advise technically whether the template has been properly written using the recommended Magento structures.

The content of the headings should be relevant to the page too, and use related keywords. It is unlikely that you should need any headings lower than H3. So for the product detail page We will prefer the H2 headings to be the product titles of any related products, and not the  detailed description and quick overview that it is so frequently. However, if there are not certain sub classes then the product titles should be H2. On the category pages, the H2 headings should be sub-category if they exist and the H3 each product title. So for the commodity details folio, and this should be the title of product page. All page should have just one main heading (H1) and it should be be the main subject of that page NOT your Logo or Site Name. Search results page, it would be good if this was the search term used. For the Categories page this should be the category title.

Breadcrumbs not only assist with SEO, but they too assist the consumer voyage around your online site. The navigation links should be “No Follow” for the layered navigation. The navigation links should not be headings because they are not normally relevant to the actual content of this page. The design should include crumbs. This is because the layered navigation separated outcomes, and in case if it is moved will just offer up matching content. There may be other points, but these would be more dependent on your actual content. All images should have relevant alt tags, and should be suitably optimized. We are amazed by how many designers take out the breadcrumbs to make the design look clean.

Navigation Or Shipping
For Magento Shopping Cart, a product does not just sit in a hierarchy of categories it can also be found using superimposed shipping. We consider to stratified transportation as a way of filtering a large list of products into a more manageable display. If you can devise a powerful, but simple computer menu construction, then in that case you do not required any  template or theme that has all the bells and whistles on menus. Navigation is very dependent on your content. It is necessary to plan your navigation before you add your first product. A template menu structure must be there to help guide the customer to easily find the products they are interested in. This is because you need to decide what data to hold for each products features and which of this data will be used to help find a product.  It may be possible that you need some video examples, icons, descriptive pop ups,images, and many more on a menu. It is also a way of reducing the need for over complex menu structures and convoluted menu hierarchy. If you do not need the fancy attributes, make it sure that either your template or theme does not have it, or the unloaded java scripts which are  unwanted. It may be adequate just to have a clear descriptive list of obvious categories.

On the product detail page, Add to Cart or Buy Now button must stand out and be preferably near the price. An E-commerce site is there to make money. A point that some designers block. Therefore, on each and every page there must be a clear-cut and broad call to action. Not to look pretty. On the category and search result page it must be blindingly obvious how to buy the product, or how to get more information. Home page it must be easy for the visitor to quickly see what you are marketing, and how to buy. Either to quickly encourage the visitor to dig into your online store, or to purchase the commodities.

They should stand out. Product images are important. The cart and checkout buttons must likewise stand out.  These large high definition images should not be pulled in by the magento themes and template on the first loading, but only when the consumer mouse click on it. What is the point of getting a customer to press buy now if they then cannot find out how to checkout?  If you have high definition images it is nice if the customer can pull them up and see the detail. My particular annoyance is those templates that pull up large detailed images which obscure everything and are not obvious how to get rid of them. A first time customer may not realize that the pretty basket icon hidden in the corner of this nice “clean” design is the way to checkout. Any zoom or enlarge function rather not hidden the call act buttons must be self-generated.

Look and Feel
A good site design is there to encourage the visitor that you are a well constituted website, which they can trust on you. This is completely personal, and a good magento designer should be able to trig up any sort of theme. The design is therefore what your target audience should expect and like, and not necessarily what you like. Just not the home page details and product page detail, but also the search results, the categories and all the other page types.  That said make sure that the theme should be developed by Magento Developers, but that they have done a consistent design on all the pages.

So all the above points are indefinite quantity looking for. You will not find any template that does them all. Although your professional magento designers notify you, as well as the people who are the consumers, and the commodities then here you are skilled. A good professional web designer will be able to fix any and all of the above. If you find the perfect one, please let us know. The trick is to buy the template that is closest to what you want and needs the least fixing.