If you want to restrict to access your Magento Admin, then configured with specific permissions. Magento has option to create permissions. Add user with a different name and password, then create a roles and assign a roles to each. User will able to access only assigned roles. In Magento, Administrator role assigned to User By default.How to manage Permissions by creating Users and Roles ?
Step 1. Creation of Roles: Go to Admin -> System -> Permissions -> Roles
Click on Add New Role

Step 2. Complete Role Information

  • Role Name: Enter name of role.

Step 3. Assign Resources

  • Resource Access: By default it is Custom.
  • Resources: Mark the resources that you want to assign to Role.

After that click on Save Role
Step 4. Create Users and assign Roles
Admin -> System -> Permissions -> Users

  • Click on Add New User

Step 5. A. Complete User Account Information

  • User name: Name of user.
  • First Name/Last name: Enter the name and last name for your user.
  • Email and Password: Enter Email and password.
  • Set This account is Active to create user

B. Assign Role to User

  • User is created with Roles

Step 6. Now Log in by using newly created User and Password

  • User can access only those roles that assigned to him.