Magento Template Integration and Customization

Magento like as other e-commerce platforms allows us to customize and integrate Templates as per your requrements. Templates are Designed to give a unique look and feel to website which differs the site from other websites. These templates help to make website more attractive, appealing and well managed.We customize templates either as per your requirements (if Specific), or as our designer and developr’s kowledge by taking your requirements into consideration (if not specific). These templates can be either uniform (static) or changed (dynamic) for different page as per needed.
We have experienced designers with us who can design templates for giving unique identity to your website. The look and feel matters a lot to present your store, if the look will be more attractive, site will be more appealing.
Integration of these templates to your Magento store needs expertised knowledge.Integration of these templates are done after finalizing them.

Magento Template Integration

Installing Magento Theme:

Assuming following :

  • Magento is installed on your server (If needed we can dothis as well)
  • Magento out of box features are all that you want we wil be just installing a theme and doing some configuring

Some of our queries:

Q.1What are the Languages and Currencies to be used?
Q.2 Is it a Multi Store Setup or Single Store Setup?
Q.3 Have you decided Template for Magento store and are you going to purchase template(make sure its compatible with Magento version installed on your server) and provide us?
Q.4What all images will you be providing. Will you also provide us with banners etc .Do you expect us to do any Photo shop type work?
Q.5Do you want product data entry to be done by us?
Q.6 How Many Categories and Products will be there?
Q.7 What are the Payment Modules to be configured and tested( Any payment module that needs online credit card transaction will not be tested by our team but we will assist and you will have to test)?
Q.8 What are the Shipping Modules to be configured and tested?
Q.9Any SEO( previous site url constraint etc) that you feel are applicable.If so please elaborate?
Q. 10Do you need Admin training.If so how many Hrs of admin training and split into how many sessions.

(Please Answer the above queries so that we can help you in better way).