Magento Speed Optimization – Server Environment

Server Environment

1] Enable Gzip Compression in .htaccess:

  • a) Shrinkage of our Html and css code with Gzip, it saves file size.
  • b) This means that, it takes less time to load your pages. This is important for optimization.
  • c) If Gzip enabled on your server then it receives the Gzip file which is very small file it takes less time.
  • d) How to set Gzip?
There are so many ways to set Gzip setting depends on our server. There are so many ways of making Magneto run faster. The best one is to enable GZip Compression by changing in .htaccess file.

2] Use nginx:

nginx is a free server. When we used nginx server then you could speed up magento scripts. Therefore, we used nginx server and speed up our Magento site. It is used for memory.

3] Use Magento CDN:

CDN : Content Delivery Network
Que: What is a CDN?
Ans: CDN is a network of server which transfers content from site to the user.
Que: Why used CDN?
Ans: Speed up your Magento store today with our Magento CDN. When CDN is used, then our CSS code, Javascript code and images are loaded from CDN. Therefore it takes less time to load your pages.

4] Use of APC:

APC: Alternative PHP cache
Que: What is a APC?
Ans: APC is an opcode cache for PHP. It is a structure for using cache and optimizing PHP code.
Important URL:

5] Use Query Cache:

This is another thing for Magento Speed Optimization tip is use Query Cache. Improving magento speed is more important for Magento Developers. There are two types of caching which you can use to optimize the magneto site.
  • a) Disk Cache
  • b) Database Cache
Benefit of Query cache: The database is fast as compared to disk so it is useful and important for increasing the performance of Magento.

Important URL:

6] Enable KeepAlive:

When browser needs to show a webpage it must first get the HTML file.  After that, it will check and read the HTML file request more files related to css and images etc. When KeepAlive is not enabled this can add a lots of time to load a webpage.

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