A theme has largely two types of users – First, the creator type who goes through an additional layer of the theme experience by taking part in building the theme. Second, the audience type who experiences it from the aesthetically and usability standpoint by browsing through a store.  Either as an assemblage, a Maker, or some, you have full-fledged the seagoing of acquirable web applications options via its themes. To the first user type, a store experience is defined by the ability of a store to fulfill his/her tactical and emotional demands. The term ‘theme’ probably sounds to you a familiar ring.
Because,we figured we’d just help you along by building an out-of-this-world theme management to maximize your work-flow efficiency and take your creativity to the next level. We know that as designers you’ve already got the graphical end of things best covered servicing to the audience. We recognize that it is the accumulated experiences of both user types that determine the final profitability of the store, therefore neither Consumer’s experience can afford to be overlooked. To the second user type who must fill the creator role, it is the efficiency with which the person is able to complete a set of development tasks that determines the store experience.
Here’s certain things we thought might get you drooling:
1. Multiple Magento themes
All at the command of a few key strokes.Magento shopping cart
gives you the ability to load multiple topics of template at one time, permitting you to interchange between a absence retail store design and temporary event or season-specific ones.

2. Maximum customization power
Ever imagined presenting each product in its own customized commodity information page? Magento cart supplies you power to do rightful that and many more, by furnishing a speedy manner to tailor-make the product presentation in a per-product and per-category basis. With Magento you can update the look and feel of your store in the category and commodity plane, giving you big merchandising as well as encouragement power as well as a store with endlessly unique design.
3. Decrease the time  of debugging
Any designer can recall those precious hours and minutes wasted looking for the unclosed markup scrutinized by your validation.  Magento’s modular backend brings with it a modular template system that minimizes the amount of HTML you need to hold at one time. Magento Developers may express you that what is wrong , but it ne’er seems to express you where it is going to happen. Less the mess means less the fuss and more the sanity for the truly important things in life.
4. Unbroken work flow
Magento comes feature-rich right again have to be helpless on a programmer to finish the simplest tasks for you. With Magento’s fully target – oriented computer programming, all computer circuit are straightaway approachable via template tags from any template files. So you will never need to think twice about where to get guidance should you need it along the way. Magento also thrives on an extensive network of knowledgeable community members including the official Magento Team.
The sky is the limit for this application, and we hope you have fun utilizing it to your online store. Really, the best part of what Magento Shopping Cart offers you though, is an application that booms on flexibility, except making your superb plans for your next front-end ‘wow’.