Magento Customization : The Store Manager Of Magento Add-on – eBay Integration

A Store Manager for Add-on of Magento shopping cart that permits you to export your products from your Magento based store to eBay, is called eBay integration. eBay is an internet auction website in it customers and business-persons purchase and sale a wide variety of products and services globally. eBay Integration Add-on is a product for those merchants who do not have much time to export hundreds of commodities to eBay. This broad instrument will assists you to sell the products easily on eBay via Store Manager for your Magento cart, set up on your Personal Computer. It renders you the quality to export whole list of products, as well as descriptions of product and prices direct from your internet store to eBay integration. You can comfortably select type of auction, formulas of price, location and other settings of auction in a speedy and timely mode.
Magento established extremely customizable HTML5 which supports browsers such as Mobile Opera, Android, iPhone, helping online merchants to create an online websites which is mobile-ready. eBay’s Magento unit make an announcement about new improvements to the e-commerce software it also includes the attributes of mobile commerce as well as expanded segregation of PayPal Payments. Also added capabilities to Magento’s software including extra robust visitor cleavage, rules-based relations which is quite sophisticated, automatic management of coupon codifications and also multiple wish lists support. Magento Enterprise version 1.12 offers latest mobile forthcoming and Magento Community version 1.7 include image scaling as well as multiple touch, gesture-based controls, drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart, the utilization of device-specific audio and video capabilities, as well as easy swiping between product images, a clean display of the product detail page, zooming capabilities, as also capabilities of up-sell,capabilities of cross-sell.
PayPal recently re-branded its payment services into III levels, and presently the online merchants were utilizing the Magento Community and Enterprise software can simply and easily select PayPal Express Checkout,PayPal Standard, and Advanced or Pro direct from Magento shopping cart. Magento software is open source and offers more than 700 payment extensions through third-party developers. Expanded integration of PayPal Payments, also owned by eBay. Magento’s Solution Partner network grew 71% to almost 400 solution partners around the world. Over the past year, the Magento community has doubled in size and marketplace grew 73% to 5,600 extensions from its Magento Connect application.

Magento Integration with eBay Utilizing M2E Pro :

Merchants of an e-commerce market were able to take a look at M2E Pro, it is an extension which incorporates eBay with Magento e-commerce platform. The program features a lot of product and inventory management abilities that allow merchants to manage both eBay listings and other online retail presences from one area. Magento M2E Pro is currently free to use, and comes with free support. Template supported, it acts with some of 23 leading eBay mercantile establishment, which also includes eBay Motors.
The program can work with multiple eBay accounts and multiple Magento stores. The extension would help businesses with things such as repetitive tasks, management of information, stock management or stock list management, and modifies, and database management; including those by third-party vendors such as Channel Advisor. With the help of it, an online seller can create product, changes in product quantity, changes in product price and all this can be done to your Magento based online stores, and the eBay product cataloged with M2E updated and turns as per automatic setting. When a merchandise becomes accessible in stock, the eBay listing connected with it gets re-listed. When you change a template, all products connected with a given template get changed.
The database templates render navigation by subdivisions – eBay Store, Description, General, Price, Payment, Shipping, and Return. Also support the leading database auction types, store inventory as well as set term as well as cost. Also, automatically you can leave feedback for your buyers. As sales are complete on eBay, M2E imports the sales and as per Magento orders the sale procedures takes place. It is just a bridge between Magento and eBay and that Magento itself corrects with Quick Books. Magento Connect provides lots of other extensions also. Direct from Magento Connect, online merchants can also acquire and utilize the professional web design and magento developer services from any third-party partners.

Stock Level Synchronize And Order Importation :

M2E Pro extension totally incorporates Magento cart into the platform of eBay. This allows management of product listings which includes product details, automatic synchronization(means to occur at the same time and speed) of stock levels, pricing, speedy and simplex creation and import of eBay Transactions, automatic response posting or feed-backs for customers and many other tasks which importantly cut down the time needed for maintenance of database.
The extension supports multiple eBay accounts and multiple Magento stores. It interacts with all 23 major eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors. The database information to occur at the same time and speed between as the Magento and eBay is managed by Synchronization Template. Those feed-backs settings and templates also can be set for each eBay account individually. Another useful feature allows products that are sold only on eBay to be imported later into Magento catalog for order procedure. In addition, plug in has the quality to change automatic- response for buyers’ feed-backs using the predefined consequence of templates. It is manageable to keep a correspondence between eBay Order status and Magento Order statuses. Depending on settings auto responses can be sent either for Positive feed-backs or for any other feedback type.
The M2E Pro listings are based on three types of templates: Description templates, Selling Format templates, and General templates which offers flexibility and minimizes the attempts.
  1. Description Template fixes trade good’s feel and look.
  2. Selling Format Template incorporates information about database types, measures, time period of auction and stipulates price-related information considering the Best Offer.
  3. General Template incorporates basic settings which are required for successful eBay listing.
User friendly interface delivers: simple overview, single click as well as bulk management of listed eBay units, quick navigation to the products located on eBay and merchandises organization in Magento based online store. The Actions of Activation or Deactivation, Re-list, Revise and Stop rules within support of templates execution of many synchronization schemes which can be practical for applicable lists. Multiple updates in respect of price, quantity, title, verbal description for some points while on the other hand only quantity for others. Moreover it is possible to schedule merchandise actions such as list, re-list on eBay.
As far as order management, the extension treats eBay originated orders as regular Magento orders. The most important feature of the extension is the ability to import eBay Transactions and to create Magento Orders. In any case managing units recorded by M2E Pro, the extension amply supports for products recorded by any other instrument such as eBay, Auctiva, ChannelAdvisor, TurboLister, and many more. There are flexible settings for eBay Transactions and Client importing, that can be fixed for each eBay business relationship singly. Order fulfillment process is reflected on eBay. If a shipment has a tracking number, it is also posted to eBay. When cargo is made, an eBay bid gets status of Transported goods.
There are various global configuration options. When cron job is not run for last 12 hours or new negative feedback was received from buyer. Also there are options, which allow enable/disable useful notifications. In the Marketplaces section, you can enable eBay Marketplaces you will work with. It is possible enable or disable certain synchronization globally – for all eBay accounts at one place. Marketplaces section allows activation of any of eBay Marketplaces. There are various global configuration options available: not limited to synchronization for multiple eBay business relationship, enable the notifications as also disable the notifications management.
Eventually the extension of M2E Pro listings has inordinate logging:
  1. Synchronizations Log – incorporates Templates, integrates Orders, incorporates Response and 3rd Party Listings Synchronization related errors.
  2. 3rd Party Listings Log – During their life cycle contains full information on 3rd Party Listings. 3rd Party Listings actions – Re-list, Stop, eBay notifications, Import of 3rd Party Listings from eBay,and many more.
  3. Listings Log – provides full information about listings during their life series creative activity, database on eBay, add-on to a listing, product affiliated changes the price of product, changes the quantity of product, and so on, actions such as Revise, Re-list, Stop, Delete Item or units, eBay notifications, Listing deletions and so on.
If necessary the user will be able to mechanically clean log files.

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