The main aim of Magento customization is  giving online-sellers a large extent of quality information, simple content management, look and feel,  of your online store. If Magento website having a problem of taking much time for site loading, then this weak point can be a cause of loss in an online  business. But, with the aid of Magento Extension for speed you can speedup your stores execution.  Functionality of Magento store is an important part and having almost all required things which are imagined by you. These extensions, the load of server can be decreased and your server will be in a situation to deal with many users at a same time. It also had contemporary characteristic of tagging and cache mechanism to speed up your website from back-end.
This new release also includes features that make it easier for consumers to shop and manage their orders. Just think that, if your site takes much more time in loading then how many customers you are loosing. If you permit custom Plug-ins. Web Server improvement can change this situation because it cut down the interval time in the Web Host, and design for good fundamental interaction with its consumers. There are even more queries. If you have an online business website then Execution or Performance of your online store is most important thing.  Are you worried about the speed of your Magento website? We are providing merchants with a number of tools that help them better manage their online business with data management tools and greater ability to effectively administer all aspects of an order. If website takes minimum time to load will be the first choice of customer or user. New Google Algorithm added one more headache for your website that finds quickly. How much time does your website takes for loading. Actuality,the Google made decision to penalize those website which loads slowly or take much time for loading.
Here is a look at the new functionality we are considering in this : At the time of purchasing a design or template,for that configuration as well as Template, things should be kept in mind that, HTML,Images, java script, CSS, the overall size of your front page must be below 200KB. As always, we seek to develop attributes that improve the user experience and help modification conversion rates for businesspersons.
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
The RMA process can be configured to manage simple products, grouped products, bundled products or customized organized products. Return Merchandise Authorization can be tracked by product, order or customer. The Magento Return Merchandise Authorization method is altogether configurable to suit each merchandiser’s requirements of order system , requirements of product and business process requirements. Merchants can decide if they want to enable partial returns for a product or order and they can customize the resolution options such as store credit, exchange, full refund. No business likes dealing with returns and exchanges. The merchant can also keep track of data for overall returns for the entire store and they can internally authorize partial returns in order to properly track incomplete or problem returns. That’s why Magento has made the process easy and efficient for our merchants with the new Return Merchandise Authorization process presented in it.
Once an Return Merchandise Authorization has been unskilled person, the businessperson has their own choice of selecting the method as also the absolute frequency of fundamental interaction they have with their consumer. The Magento Return Merchandise Authorization feature provides the option for the merchant to make the Return Merchandise Authorization process self-service for the customer or merchant managed from the back-end consumer must call or refer a subject matter. The merchandiser can also change consumer fundamental interaction such as uploading photos of defective items. For example, merchants can establish a schedule of customer emails to keep them informed of the status of the return/exchange. Returns are not something a company wants to spend a lot of assets managing, so that Magento can make the procedure as simple and smooth as possible. The Return Merchandise Authorization feature permits the businessperson to tie the procedure to their own shipping policies as well as shippers.  Always upgrade to the latest version of Magento, because not only you will get BUG fixing, you will get advanced features, but with every update Magento performs best. Also to denominate a third party supplying center for returns if necessary.
Persistent Shopping Cart,
Once a consumer login to a website, a semi-permanent textual matter is constituted for that browser or device accumulation. In general, the feature preserves information about customers using a long-term cookie. The customer is now able to view the contents of their shopping cart in subsequent sessions without logging in again. Here is a look at one new capability in this release – persistent shopping cart – which makes shopping easier for customers and enables merchants to segment customers better and tailor their product offering to better serve each customer. Keep Alives are devices where multiple HTTP subject matter can be funneled through a one TCP links.  Magento  and Community are another Magento release packed with very valuable features.
In Magento Enterprise persistent shopping capabilities are extended beyond the shopping cart to other features including recently ordered items, wish lists, view as also comparison as well as customer group membership. This attributes also enables businesspersons to furnish publicity, as per the pre -defined cell division conceptions, encouraging users to add units to the shopping cart as well as complete their process of purchase. The persistent behavior feature reduces consumer frustration when they try to access their shopping cart from multiple browser sessions. With perpetual purchasing cart, a consumer can add a commodity to their shopping cart from one application term at work, appraisal his shopping cart and do modification for the product design from his mobile device and then complete the transaction at home with another computer session login required initially per computer application or computer device unit to establish the long-term textual matter.
Persistent shopping cart is completely configurable by businesspersons, furnishes an extra mode for the merchandiser to strengthen consumer satisfaction and faithfulness and assists in additional transformation rates. The long term cookie allows us to re-create some of the session the user had when they were logged in previously. Magento stores a long-term textual matter in each browser as per device once the customer logs in or creates an account using that browser. It does not allow the customer or another user to approach delicate subject matter. The consumer will not be able to accomplished the check-out procedure or approach account information unless they are formally logged in. Shipping integration with label printing – support for all major carriers; labels can be created and printed for new. Support for the existing shipments and multiple labels can be printed for select shipments and orders. For example, a users shopping cart is re-created upon subsequent visits to the site.
Scheduled Import/Export1 – import and export product catalog data either locally or from distant FTP hosts. In Magento 1.4 Memory cache is by default, so when it is not so needful don’t turn it off. Merchants can configure for error handling, status reporting and backup. Configurable order tracking widget1 – customers can track status of existing orders and returns without the need to log in to their account. Price and promotion permission2 – merchants can create and control multiple admin roles for reading and editing prices and promotions.
Magento Developers can reduce code and common sense maintain backward characteristic, duplication, better maintainability of coding system and create it simpler as well as easier to make changes and add new features.  Re-factoring multiple information1 – allows developers to extend module development to different databases by accessing abstract RDBMS with a set of routines.
Merchants choose how and when to show, prior to order verification, special pricing rule in Magento Developers only or on gesture at the catalog level. MAP – Minimum Advertised Price allows merchants to furnish their consumers with special content or sales pricing while adhering to pricing rules set by manufacturers. Viewing simultaneous pages  also takes time to view the single page. Speed can be categorize in to cardinal track, first and foremost, latest as well as fresh installation of a Magento shopping cart can also take lots of time in showing single page. Both these problem required different method so also the contrasting formulation. Latest installment of Magento shopping cart also having very poor speed.
Interface improvements for Paypal’s Order Payment Action within Magento.
The improvements include: Updates to Magento order creation ; Additional parameters during express checkout; Updates to Magento invoice creation
Special Brazilian Support : The Magento Platform now includes PayPal website standards with support for Brazilian currency and support of government tax id requirements. Magento has incorporated several improvements for the Brazilian market that are available for Magento Professional, Magento Enterprise, including older versions of Magento as well as and Magento Community.