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keep distance with all those things which ends with _once()
What we don’t forget is that include_once() and require_once() is extremely hard on server resources. We all know that include() simply gives us an intimation if it go wrong, while ask() this will destroy script with a deadly error when it go wrong. Just remember that these things will destroy your server resources, on a huge framework particularly, and in case you plan your code properly you would not require it anyway. By this way PHP is set up and there is nothing about it which we can do it.
Use A Framework If You Need One
A framework is much slower than normal PHP code when it came to printing a simple application. Possibilities which help you to do all tedious things that can help, any how you will have to learn that the frameworks function and how it first in order to make things simple, merely that is the only genuine trade-off. Positively you have minimum chance of writing any code error.
Protect Your Database
Another thing you can do is validate all POST make sure all form submitted data is of the right type and value before adding it to a database query. This function makes all strings safe in terms of quotes and other functions that can harm your database or contain the code which are malicious, the first step against protection of your data. The best and safest way is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for all database before it is added to the database.
Draw Before You Code
In the process of planning it you will actually iron out the difficulties in your head and avoid the major headache that comes with the facepalm when you realize that everything you just did is either wrong, not needed, or just silly. It is very important to actually give the mechanics of you application some thought before sitting down to start coding. A good practice to get into is wire-frame your projects.
Code Code Code
Use only those things as your code in which you have interest or will use frequently. Create only those thing what you like and you will learn. Get one thing through to anyone reading a good developer by reading. The one and only tried and trusted method, is to actually write code. You cannot become a good developer by watching someone develop. But – and here is the trick – can create a unique things.
With OOP, there could be one or two objects being represented, in turn could represent a few, or a thousand other aims that could all perform certain tasks depending on variables passed into the objects. OOP is essentially a method of programming with remove the need for repetition of code and perform the basic tasks of production very simply. If you have not yet entered the realm of Object Oriented Programming, you are falling behind fast. Objects are essentially classes that collect a bunch of functions together and wrap them in a wrapper that can be reused over and over again without the need to rewrite functionality or procedures every time you need to do something.
Go OOP It changed my development style forever. OOP is faster, simpler, faster loading and more logical to work with once you figure out the basic principles. Procedural Programming works by following a routine from the top to the bottom of each page as the server reads every file on your server.
Develop With Error Reporting On
Besides that, with error will eventually grow up to bite. The very first thing you do when starting a new project is to turn error before going to production mode. Do this with every project and there is nothing better than running a project in full production mode and not even getting one error.
Use PHP’s Inbuilt Functions
You want to count the amount of keys in an array. PHP has many built-in functions that can do what you are doing it in the best way possible. You can loop through the array and simply increment a value for each iteration. You can just use the built in PHP function.
Obviously GET is the easy way to do pagination stay with POST, it’s safer. All you need to do is add something to your address bar and you can hack your project the reason is simple – GET is simple to emulate. This is not always possible, but when its really not necessary, do not use GET, use POST.
Understand Your Project
You cannot code a project that you do not fully understand. A singer cannot sing a song that he has not heard before. An artist cannot draw something that he has not seen before. If you do not understand exactly what it needs to do,you cannot build it.