What is Ecommerce Performance Audit

To operate a successful ecommerce business, numerous features need to be optimized for greater efficiency in day-to-day operations. Our Ecommerce audit services review your online store and offer you tips to boost your overall Search Engine Optimization, Conversion rates, product placement, marketing strategies, site performance, content and platform analysis. Our Audit Performance is an excellent opportunity to analyze each aspect of the website’s customer interface in order to discover areas of concern and potential improvement. The findings of the audit offer you a roadmap of how best to maximize future sales of the company.

What do you need to Audit your Online Store?


It is important that all business owners, regardless of size or level of success, take a step back and assess how their websites meets the needs of their customer base.The audit is the perfect opportunity for you to see every part, assess it properly , and identify problems and areas where you can develop. The findings will become a chart that you can use to maximize your conversions

Below are the top 6 conversion process to maximize your online store

Testing the user shopping experience

First we are going to look at your funnel, simulate the experience of your customer and holes or obstructions that hinder your visitors from buying.

Identifying Marketing Opportunities

Finally, we are going to take a look at what marketing tactics and tools you’re using on-site and identify if any improvements can be made.

Get Feedback from Actual customers

We can conduct basic surveys and receive feedback directly from your real customers in order to consider their concerns and desires.

Analyzing Deep Dive

We will look deeply into your current analytics and look at how pages work, where any drop-offs occur, and what pages people spend most of their time on. High bounce rates, low conversion rates, clicks, on site time and more.

Analyzing security and performance

Next we will review the software, plugins, 3rd party tools on your website and identify issues that may impede your websites speed, security and performance.

Delivered in a Report

We will then provide a detailed report breaking down the conversion vulnerabilities of your shop, technical issues, drop-off points and usability issues while also providing you with specific ideas on ways to improve conversions and sales.

Here Is What We Offer In Our Audits

Our Ecommerce audits cover everything from SEO to content and platform analysis to product placement. In other terms, our ecommerce experts look at your entire business and send you a draft of the problem areas and the appropriate steps you should take to fix them.

Here is a general overview of what is included in our ecommerce Audits :

SEO Audit

  • Handling of Expired Products
  • Handling of Seasonal Products
  • Management of New Products
  • Interlinking of Product
  • Product Organisation
  • High Quality Product Images

Platform Audit

  • Improved user Experience
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Market Conditions
  • Scalability
  • Cost
  • Platform speed

Conversion Rate Audit

  • Calls to Action
  • Landing and homepage
  • Opt – Informs
  • Category/Product Pages
  • Site Registration
  • Checkout Process

Your Detailed Audit Report

After conclusion of the evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive report describing what we have noticed. Report will include…

Suggested Solution

Usability Analysis

Highest Priorities

SEO Analysis

User Perception Analysis

Store Accessibility Analysis

Overview of findings

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