AMP for Shopify

Improve your sales by optimizing your Shopify store for AMP

OSC assists you in creating an AMP site for your Shopify store, allowing your goods, homepage, and collection to load quicker than ever before. Our skilled AMP developers will replicate your existing Shopify store and use as little JavaScript or HTML as possible to generate your Accelerated Mobile Pages.
As a result, your items load quicker, your landing pages load faster, your consumers remain intrigued, and your buyer makes an instant purchase. Customers remain on an AMP optimized website 2X longer than on a non-AMP page, according to a recent Google study

Benefits of AMP

Less Data Consumption

Because AMP is a lightweight framework, its primary objective is to drastically improve the mobile surfing experience. As a result, web pages can load rapidly even on slow network connections. When compared to standard mobile-optimized sites, AMP pages load 4 times quicker and consume 8 times less bandwidth.

Improved Server Performance

Because the contents of AMP are pre-fetched, the server burden is decreased. So, if mobile devices are your primary source of visitors, AMP will enhance the performance of your website.

Quicker Page Load Times

Because AMP enables for faster rendering of mobile web pages, the process is sped up. The speed of the website has a direct influence on SEO; the faster it is, the better.

Lower Bounce Rates

When users receive results in milliseconds, they are less likely to leave your website, decreasing the bounce rate.

Increased Website Time

Faster loading pages improve the probability that your visitors will stay on your website for a longer period of time.

Increased Conversion Rates

Using AMP, you can increase conversion possibilities by preventing visitors from leaving and persuading them to click your CTA.

Enhanced Appearance in Google SERPs on Mobile

AMP sites are always accompanied with an enhanced appearance in Google SERPs on mobile. This contains lightning bolt symbols as well as rich result elements such as headline text and pictures that are larger than thumbnails.

Lightning Bolt Icon in Google SERPs

The lightning bolt icon in Google SERPs highlights

AMP pages

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that sites containing lightning bolt symbols have a higher CTR than those without.

What Do We Do To Boost Website Performance Using AMP?

Schedule a free demo with us to evaluate your website for AMP deployment.
Our AMP-created website design will help you in increasing ROI.
To identify and minimize problems that might delay the process, use a best-practices and checklist approach.
We have the ability to work with the key AMP modules that improve website speed.
We use each AMP tool to ensure appropriate reuse, organization, and structuring of content and other elements.
For the development of an AMP website, we adhere to the W3C coding standards and adhere to all of the requirements.
Our AMP developers provide a captivating user interface for your web pages, enhancing the user experience.
Examine and submit to Google for indexing, as well as to the merchant center.
Launch the AMP site and watch how it performs in terms of SEO and advertising.

How our process works

1. Examine your website
2. Create an Intriguing Mobile User Interface
3. Begin customizing your website
4. Getting rid of unnecessary HTML
5. Examine and submit to Google
6. Your AMP site is now live.

Convert your Existing Website into a Faster AMP Mobile version

Customizable Look & Feel

We’ll convert your current website to an AMP version while maintaining the same look and feel.

Improved SEO

Making your website mobile-friendly and optimizing it with Google’s AMP means your business will have a better chance of ranking higher in search engines.

Increased Page Speed

On Google’s Page Speed Insights, we’ll guarantee an 80-99 percent page speed score. Making it the quickest website to load on mobile devices.

Integration of e-commerce

We’ll convert your eCommerce site or particular product pages to an AMP site so that customers don’t have to wait long to make a purchase.

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