AMP for Magento

Improve the speed of your website without impairing its functionality

This is a mobile-first world, and if your website does not perform effectively on mobile and takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of clients. Our AMP for Magento solution will assist you in reducing your website’s loading speed and improving the overall user experience for mobile visitors. It will help increase site visibility when using a search engine.
Our experts invest their skills and strategies to create extremely smooth and quick business websites. We have very talented and clever Developers and Designers who use their expertise to design your website with little content while yet meeting all of your criteria on pages, making your page mobile friendly and running very smoothly.

What do you get when You opt for our AMP for Magento services


Create an AMP-friendly interactive product page

You will receive an interactive e-commerce product details page with our AMP for Magento solution. It gives you full-value functionality that works flawlessly on mobile as well as desktop.

Simplify category page for mobile users

Allow your users to navigate to your website’s categories. Your clients may use the layered navigation filters, the “Sort By” drop-down, and much more.

Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento themes

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Magento 2 is compatible with any native or third-party Magento 2 theme.

Create responsive images

You will be able to show images that respond to the size of the user’s viewport using our AMP for Magento service. It enables the use of a specific layout for images within product descriptions or CMS pages. It has no effect on the output of a desktop theme. Delivering responsive images will assist you in decreasing page load time.

Style AMP page with custom CSS

You will improve page styles or product/category description content by using our AMP for Magento services. Custom styles can be used to change the theme colors, buttons, and typography. You can also change the page layout and override the existing templates with a custom layout and templates.

Create a fast eCommerce experience

Given the continued growth of mobile e-commerce, you must do your best to create fast-loading mobile pages. We create pages that are compatible with amp requirements. They are as follows: Homepage, CMS pages, product comparison page, Category, Search results, and Product page. On AMP, the full-page cache is functional. It helps the sites load faster than ever before.

Apply sticky AMP widgets on CMS pages

Try AMP widgets to give your consumers a great mobile user experience. These widgets will assist you in visualizing your product options in the most appealing and comfortable manner. Simply select how many goods you want to display and how you want them to be displayed, such as a slider or a list of 5 featured products, based on your store’s style. Choose any location on the page for your handy widget.

Customize the AMP page design

AMP pages do not imply a dull and uninteresting design for your online business. Set yourself out from the competition by changing your design options. Adjust the logo size so that it appears nice on mobile displays. Change the colors of your text, links, and buttons to fit your identity. Your Magento 2 AMP theme will look great if it is light, simple to read, clean, and elegant.

Benefits of using AMP for your Magento website

Faster loading page for mobile users.
Improved search engine ranking.
Increase visibility.
Better user experience.
Less bounce rate.
An increase in sales conversions.
Set the number of reviews that will be visible on the product AMP page.


In search results, show Google Rich Snippets

Increase your web store’s exposure in organic search by showing more product information. Magento AMP enables the display of Rich Snippets for AMP Pages in Google Search results. This will assist in attracting only relevant traffic while increasing CTR.

Create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your blog

Integrate a Magento 2 Blog Pro extension to generate quick blog pages. If your online blog publishes high-quality, legitimate material, AMP is a wonderful way to increase the number of hits and views on your site. By including links to your product pages on your blog, you may simply turn devoted blog readers into profitable clients later.

The success of optimized pages may be measured in a variety of ways

After implementing AMP, 90% of AMP publishers reported a better engagement rate. Magento 2 AMP plugin supports Google Analytics embedding to help you learn how AMP optimization affects your web-store efficiency. Insert tracking components quickly and easily to see how page metrics are influenced and to get top search rankings.

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From pre-sale questions to post-sale help, we provide comprehensive service to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We provide Magento extensions created by professional Magento developers and according to Magento specifications. We assure stability through coding, in-depth testing, maintenance, and continuing upgrades.


We at OSC are familiar with the Magento community’s issues and are prepared to address them with appropriate solutions.

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