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Mobile Pages that are Faster for a More Immersive Website Experience

Google established the concept of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) to enable an unbroken online experience on mobile devices. On mobile operating systems, dynamic web pages might take longer to load. In other cases, the content appears first, followed by the photos and other media assets.
All of these issues are effectively addressed by AMPs, which provide website users with an immersive experience.
With the right AMP development in place, you can dramatically reduce the bounce rate on your website. AMPs also enable you to earn money from advertisers and other content-heavy pages. Faster loading and seamless navigations are also good for your website’s SEO. Every website is different for us. And we approach every project with an equal amount to meticulousness and commitment.

Why does your website require AMP development?

Websites That Are SEO-Friendly

You don’t have to worry about SEO characteristics like speed or content personalization with AMPs in place. Bots may be used to optimise content for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

Data Consumption Optimization

Reduced load time and smooth navigation assist visitors in using less data. The AMP improves efficiency by limiting the use of some analytics scripts and ad material. These aid in the optimization of user data.

Compatibility between platforms

Your web pages will be fully interoperable across all operating systems, including Android and iOS, thanks to accelerated mobile page development. It improves your website’s overall performance and likeability.

Emphasis on Mobile

The majority of your clients will access your website via a mobile device. If your website is sluggish on mobile operating systems, it affects engagement and conversion significantly. AMP guarantees that websites run quicker on mobile devices.

AMP Development Services from OSC

Development of AMP

Quality is something we are passionate about. Our AMP codes are well-formatted, light, and simple to update. As the finest AMP development company in India, we are skilled in creating effectively programmed and developed mobile sites.

eCommerce using AMP

We can improve your Shopify or Magento eCommerce store with our AMP for eCommerce solutions. AMP will result in speedier loading and enhanced client engagement through higher purchase flows.

Support for AMP

We offer dependable and prompt service, with a satisfaction guarantee of 100 percent. After launch, our skilled AMP developers provide simple yet powerful AMP services to ensure optimum return on investment.

Design by AMP

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers that are well-versed in AMP. They design your websites in a way that involves no code yet provides the best experience for mobile consumers, resulting in higher conversions.

AMP Components

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers that are well-versed in AMP. They design your websites in a way that involves no code yet provides the best experience for mobile consumers, resulting in higher conversions..


The HTML element of accelerated mobile pages adds selective constraints to the collection of tags and functionality of web pages.

AMP JavaScript

It is a framework for AMP sites that manages resources and handles asynchronous loading. CSS3 allows you to change the look of your sites.


This is a content delivery network that will cache your AMP-enabled pages and optimise their speed automatically.


Pre-connect API

The pre-connect API guarantees that every HTTP request is executed as quickly as possible. This dramatically improves the website’s performance.

Inline stylesheets

Multiple HTTP queries are easily removed from a rendering path by using inline stylesheets. It aids in the reduction of page load times.


AMPs optimise the website to provide lighter and more dependable prerender resources. The page is rendered before the user navigates through it.

Extended Components

In AMP, multimedia is handled differently. Images must use the bespoke amp-img element, whereas animated GIFs must use the amp anim extended component. Social media has its own set of extraneous components.

Why Should You Hire OSC for AMP Development Services?

OSC is India’s premier Accelerated Mobile Pages Development Company, with Google certified developers that can assist you in creating your desired mobile pages exactly the way you want them. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our AMP development services.

AMP Developers with Years of Experience

We have a team of competent developers that have a thorough grasp of the AMP technology and the newest technologies needed to create AMP websites.

Quick turnaround time

We recognise the value of your time. As a result, we set realistic deadlines and complete your project on time and under budget.

Services of High Quality

You can rely on us for high-quality AMP development services ranging from accurate front-end development to improving SEO on your new site.

Customized Solutions at the Lowest Costs

OSC provides affordable AMP development services. Our unrivalled services and cheap pricing have enabled us to build success stories.

Are you looking for a partner to help you build an AMP-compliant website?

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