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Amazon Web Service is a free, flexible, highly complex, secure and cost-effective solution. It is therefore a bit worrying for most companies to launch the application on this. Our services help you build, maintain and design an efficient cloud infrastructure for your enterprise. To overcome the technicalities involved, you may focus on our experience complemented by competitive AWS service pricing structure.

Services we provide


AWS Migration & Strategy

AWS Technical Support & Monitoring

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AWS Security & Compliance Management

AWS DevOps Automation

Database Migration And Management

AWS Cost Optimization

Magento on AWS

Why Choose us?

  • Team of experienced and Certified Solution Architects and Certified DevOps Architects for crafting cutting- edge solutions
  • AWS hybrid or full migration solution expertise
  • Competitive pricing model that suits the shrinking budget
  • 24 /7 support
  • 100% transparency in the entire development cycle
  • An end to end assistance support in developing, deploying, and maintaining AWS based services
  • In depth experience and excellence in AWS stack of services

Why you should choose AWS?


Database Migration And Management

AWS has evolved to be the pioneer in cloud computing worldwide. It now runs 44 accessibility zones around the globe across 16 geographic regions. The projects also have 14 other accessible areas, along with five other countries, like China. And irrespective of your local location, you’ve reached AWS.

Pricing on the go model

High flexibility enables Amazon to provide a pay-as-you-go model that can significantly improve the bottom line of your company (in some situations as much as 70%). And the most common of all the reasons for choosing AWS is the dynamic pricing structure of the system. As consumers may stop and start instances when needed, they just end up paying for what they are using.

Automated Multi-Region Backups

AWS offers various types of recovery, including screenshots of AMIs and EBS. And AWS ‘ decentralized nature and global reach enables storing critical information across numerous geographic locations simple and accessible.

Third Party APIs

AWS API ensures you can access the cloud-based services in different programming languages in accordance with the platform’s general mobility. It also means that different third-party services are available to support you & help use all the time-saving tools that AWS has to deliver.


The framework allows a high level of flexibility to suit individual business needs. Customer-defined labeling, for instance, helps customers to track and manage resources quickly. There is practically no restriction on how or why dynamic AWS labels can be used, from price control and safety to organization and automation.

Deployment Speed

Standard services require 48-96 hours to deliver a database everywhere. Then you have to adjust it for a couple of hours and get it all checked. AWS shrinks to minutes; these deployment time.

Benefits of choosing AWS


Easy to use




Scalable & High performance


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