Amazon AWS Managed Services

AWS is the most popular Cloud in nowadays, AWS Gives you excellent features such as
Auto Scaling, CloudFront CDN, Elastic load balancer and many more things.

This will allows you to achieve what your application needs to succeed. Creating AWS account is very simple and easy job, But when we think about its proper management and architectural usages you need the Good and Certified team to handle your account.

Oscprofessionals are expert in AWS Cloud platform our dedicated certified persons will help you to manage your account. Many of us create an account and start using it but sometimes you will receive a big amount of bill, due to your misconfigurations, some people use AWS but without knowing there other excellent functionality such as CloudTrails, Lambda, Elastic Cache/Search and many more

Our team is having good hands on EC2 Configuration, Auto Scaling, ELB management, Cloud Security, Web Application integration with AWS, RDS, CloudWatch, S3.

  • We can deliver efficiently and cost optimized architecture for your web app
  • Manage your AWS with team Osc and use AWS with the industry standard
  • Magento Integration with AWS
  • Auto Scaling
  • Cost and Resource Optimization
  • AWS Security evaluation
  • Custom AWS Solutions
  • Architecture consultation and implementation

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