Akeneo PIM Integration

Import your product catalogue into Magento in defined time

Akeneo is an open source product information management system that helps companies boost their efficiency by offering the most effective and comfortable forum for their teams to maintain reliable, high-quality and accurate product information across multiple channels.
By providing multi-channel data import and export capabilities, it constitutes the central repository for your entire product.
The information shown on the web pages is often very detailed. Further, since it comes from varied sources, it may be received in different formats and reliability levels. In such a scenario, data processing and computation without automation becomes complex. That’s where the PIM from Akeneo comes in.

Role of Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is particularly useful for retailers working on multiple channels and having a large number of SKUs. It also helps if you’re selling in different languages internationally. For shops such as online furniture stores or fashion retail, where a large amount of content and images are needed with various product attributes and specifications, Akeneo fits the bill perfectly.

Akeneo PIM and Magento Commerce can be combined as……

With Akeneo PIM, retailers can handle and distribute high-quality product data quickly and easily across all sales channels, streamline internal inventory management processes and promote catalog expansion.

A robust omnichannel approach of detailed product information for each channel

Experience-driven eCommerce stores stored with information about emotional products

Localized product information global expansion

How & What We Do It

We build Akeneo PIM for modular mobility and high performance using the best-in-class open source technologies. Our Professional Service team is committed to help you by keeping your Akeneo installation on track.



Configure Akeneo

Configure Magento


Configure Akeneo Connector for Magento 2

API configuration

Attribute configuration

Categories configuration

Filter Product configuration

Advanced Configuration

Standard Configuration

Product Configuration

Here are some further advantages of using Akeneo

A PIM solution improves productivity by making your team more efficient and able to deliver high-quality accurate and consistent product information. The outcome directly results in improved business benefits.

Extremely User-Friendly

Seamless Managing of Product Data

Easy & Quick Importing of Product Details and Images

Compatible with Multiple Web Services

Better quality Product Information Validation

Expand your product offerings

Advice and Know-how

  • Specialized in Akeneo since its release
  • Guide you before/during/after the project
  • Adapt the platform to your requirements
  • Develop code that is reusable and documented
  • Simplify the tool’s learning
  • Optimize the structure of data

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