Product based shipping module

Product based shipping module

For Demo of Product based shipping in Magento

Like osCommerce, CREloaded and other shopping cart system Magento commerce also supports the Product based shipping module.

The shipping module has various options like Flat rate, table rate, free shipping and there are some of the shipping services providers USPS, UPS, Fedex etc. with their own shipping options.

These works on various aspects related to product like weight, price, total quantity of items in cart, shipping address, destination address etc .

In Magentocommerce there is no such extension available that provides the individual or product based shipping,if some one wants shipping products based then Magentocommerce does not have any option.

We found this is most needed and essential if some one want to go with “Product based shipping” in Magento.

Per product base shipping module is achievable in magento with some code modification. With our Magento Product based shipping script a Magento store owner can easily assigned the shipping product based.

To see admin setting of Magento Product based shipping please contact-us

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