Sales Assist


Sales Assist


  • Ease of generating order message
  • Share orders by using WhatsApp,Facebook,Emails,Messages and other social media
  • Easy to add customer details
  • Easy to add product details
  • Bulk adding customer details via CSV sheet
  • Bulk adding product details via CSV sheet
  • Detailed document for training
  • Send Message with multiple order data
  • Works offline
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Highly scalable database
  • Fast response to user input

Sales Assist is designed to run on just about any Android phone, and can be used even on devices with small screens. It has a rich graphical user interface, which makes it easy to learn and to use. It can handle large numbers of customers and products, with no performance issues.

Sales Assist can adapt to match most business situations according to the current locale.


Version : 1.0

Screenshots :

Product Description

Sales Assist is an Native Android Application for Sales Assistance.With the help of this app you can manage order related activity more efficiently. Sales Assist is faster and more accurate than traditional paper-based methods, and can handle large data.
It allows the salesmen to download and upload product through CSV sheets, take orders, message order in the field and export order at the same time. Its a very simple but a avery useful application.

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