Our Tax Exempt module allows a customer to checkout without tax, provided they are exempted from Tax as per Government rules.A customer will have to submit his Tax ID type( Resale number or IRS number) and Tax Id Value plus attach his Tax Certificate while creating his account or by editing His account.
Admin interface also allows creating a customer with Tax exemption attributes.This module does not verify whether the details are correct, admin needs to check.

Tax Exempt




  • Customer based tax exemption

  • Tax Id and Tax Certificate can be added from My Account (Customer)

  • Save Tax Id details for future Tax exemption to customer

  • Customer can re-upload Tax Certificate

  • Allow Guest Customer to checkout tax free

  • Allow different types of file extension like jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, txt, doc, docx, ppt

  • Simple & Easy Configuration


How it works

  • For Checkout as Registered Customers :

    • During Customer Registration a customer will be able to select Tax Id type( Resale Number or IRS number) and enter Id number. Also a customer can upload related certificate.
    • Submission of above details will make set customer Tax exemption applicable to true.
    • Customer can also edit customer details and fill above stated details to be eligible for Tax exemption.
    • Once Customer is eligible for tax exempt , then the customer will able to checkout with Tax Exempt on products, It will be applicable for all purchases of that customer.
  • For checkout as guest:

    • For Guest Checkout, this module works by adding extra step that is ‘Tax Exempt’ in Checkout. Select the tax type (Resale Number or IRS Number) from drop-down then enter the Tax Id value, once guest customer enter this details, Customer becomes eligible for tax exemption and customer will able to checkout without Tax.
    • Here tax id and Tax type will be saved in order details.
  • From Admin :

    • Admin while creating a customer can add tax Type and tax Id value.
    • Admin can edit a customer detail for all fields related to Tax exemption and can enable or disable tax exempt flag.
  • Note :

    • No API used to verify tax details Admin needs to do this at his end.



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